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From the desk of Jack Ellis:


The Thought Dial, though it can be utilized for fun and amusement, is more, much more than a toy.   It is an instrument for divining the answer to any question you may have based on sound, psychological principles, especially those put forth by the renowned psychologist, Dr. Carl G. Jung of Zurich, Switzerland.

In his work The Interpretation and Nature of the Psyche, Dr. Jung uses the word, "synchronicity," and explains it this way: "...simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels to the momentary subjective state—and, in certain cases, vice versa."

Dr. Jung makes use of the term to depict a coincidence in time of two or more events.   It should be pointed out that he makes no claim that the events are causally related.   In fact, he defines synchronicity as the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningfully but not causally connected events.

Jung declares: "Since the remotest times men have used numbers to express meaningful coincidences . . . those that can be interpreted."

Dr. Jung is conceded by many to be the greatest psychologist.   He was certainly the biggest "name" psychologist since Freud.   Perhaps that is why he displayed far more courage and originality than his colleagues.   He overcame fear of academic prejudice.   He was not afraid to speak out on such subjects as extra-sensory perception, the mystery of numbers, astrology and psychic phenomena.

His work and findings lend support to the principles behind the Thought Dial. Jung's studies conclude that numbers and planets, utilized as a method of analyzing character, perceiving thoughts, and foretelling the future — work!   So the Thought Dial works.   Why it works is of no particular concern here.   That is a job for psychologists and other scientists to handle.

What Is The Thought Dial?

When you want to know the latest news you can use the Internet and find the information, all automatically.

In a way, the Thought Dial operates in somewhat the same manner.   At least it has for the author, world famous astrologer Sydney Omarr, on numerous occasions.   It has turned up with the right answers in some manner.

You may have a question on your mind.   It may be a very serious question.   Probably the more serious the better.   You dial a number and zip comes the answer.   To say the least, it is remarkable.   It is almost as if you were telephoning some master of all wisdom within yourself.   He sees all and tells all.   This is just the writer's reaction to what he has seen, but it would seem that Omarr has devised a means of bypassing the conscious and getting into the unconscious.

I won’t say the subconscious, because I think it may involve the superconscious.   I think the superconscious mind contains a super calculating device that makes all computers look like simplicity itself.   This takes practice and relaxation, but Omarr seems to have a means of going to less trouble.   He appears to bypass the conscious in the same or a similar manner to that in which the conscious is bypassed in hypnotism.

The function may not be too unlike the individual who prays for divine guidance - and gets it.

There are many people who do not believe this can be accomplished, never try it, and never get divine guidance.   Perhaps the Thought Dial is a means of getting divine guidance.

A Telephone Between Worlds...

It is a known fact that, prior to his death, inventor Thomas Edison was hard at work on a so-called "Telephone Between Worlds," an instrument through which, Edison hoped, it would be possible to "tune in" or connect with another world, if there be one—the world of the soul, or personality, or memory, or whatever part of man survived after his bodily death.

Whether Edison’s device involved numbers, or was in any way similar to the Thought Dial, is not known.   This is pointed out to show that wise men — men who have pioneered and invented — men like Sir William Crookes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jung, Edison, and others like them — have not been afraid to experiment with the abstract.

Men like Rhine have, in effect, "measured thoughts," often doing so in the face of ridicule from colleagues.

It is now, of course, possible to measure brain waves.   The Thought Dial represents at least a start in the direction of "solidifying" thoughts, ideas, mental impulses, insights into the future, etc.

The Thought Dial Isn't Just Accurate - It's Easy To Use, Too...

Instructions for creating your own dial are included - it only takes a few minutes to make your own.

You may also print out the dial and use your finger with it, or even use it on your computer screen if you don't mind the fingerprints!

You get the 170+ page Thought Dial book, including templates to create your own dial, all for the ridiculously low price of $7.

Many have found success with the Thought Dial.   From Manhattan Beach, California, Mrs. Paul Bruchez writes: "I purchased the THOUGHT DIAL a short time ago and I find it comes up with some amazingly accurate answers."

Willi Bentley, of Buffalo, New York writes: "I have your book, THOUGHT DIAL.   It is wonderful.   I use it all the time.   And the answers come out right eight to nine times out of ten."

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