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Techniques So Powerful Corporations and Government Officials Have Contacted
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From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Friend:

Have you ever researched subliminal messages?

I've heard about them for years...

Rumor has it that Disney has used subliminals in many of their films.

Every year or so you'll hear about various companies using hidden subliminal messages in the their advertising.

This phenomenon caught my attention last year and ever since I've been studying subliminals like crazy!

Did you know that the Federal Communications Commission in the United States said this about subliminal advertising in 1974?

"the use of subliminal perception is contrary to the public interest."

You'll be shocked at how many companies employ these techniques... and how many times they've tried to invade your mind in an effort to get you to do their bidding!

You've Been Surrounded By Subliminals Your Whole Life!

To the left is an enlarged advertisement from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What do you think they're trying to get across by hiding a dollar bill in lettuce on a sandwich?

Restaurants... movies... TV shows... they all use subliminals in their advertising and now you can receive a graduate-level education showing you exactly how they do it!

All your life you've been a victim...

A victim of hidden messages implanted in your brain by advertisers with no ethics!

Now is the time to stop being a victim and start being a winner.

Using the same methods that have been secretly used against you your entire life you can gain the upper hand over anyone you come in contact with - and the best part is you don't even have to communicate with them directly.

Look at this advertisement - then click the image to see the "highlights:"

Go Beyond Conventional Persuasion Techniques And Learn:

  • How to "prime" your subjects with visual stimuli – getting them ready for your subliminal suggestions
  • Use subliminal “power words” to get others to agree with you and obey your commands
  • Discover how a news station used subliminal methods to try and make a serial killer turn himself in
  • Dozens of examples of subliminal methods – after looking at these for just a few minutes you’ll start forming your own ideas about how to employ subliminals
  • Completely redesign someone’s desires with an image or two
  • One man used this simple technique to increase his sales by 58% - here’s how he did it…
  • Why the US congress lied and told people that subliminal messages are not a “health hazard”
  • How race car drivers use subliminal methods to keep advertisers happy
  • Combine NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with subliminal messages – this is nuclear-level covert persuasion
  • How to use animated graphics to get your message across – I once used this method to influence someone I was competing with to fail
It's Tough To Separate Truth From Fiction When It Comes To Subliminals... But Science Is Showing Us The Way:

For example, here's an excerpt of an article from 2009:

And another from the same year:

Everyone Has Heard Of Subliminals, But How Many Will Take A Few Minutes To Find Out:

  • Get anyone to think about sex within seconds of them looking at you
  • How the British Broadcasting Company used audio subliminals to get people to listen to the radio
  • Long-term subliminals – put together coordinated “campaigns” to effect deep-level change – wipe out someone’s religious beliefs, family connections, etc.
  • The exact amount of time you should wait before employing subliminal methods
  • How one doctor discovered that “being negative” is the key to effective subliminal influence
  • An amazing “works every time” tactic from someone who has experienced great success with subliminals
  • The secret of the “disapproving face” – how to knock anyone down a notch with nothing more than a photo of someone important to them
  • Learn how television advertising abuses subliminal techniques to make people buy their products… and how you can steal their techniques to use for your own ends
  • The "tachistoscope" explained – how this subliminal military tool was used to help win World War II
Buying Subliminal Warfare Is Like Hiring Your Own "Army" Of Psychological Warfare Specialists...

I've spent the past several months researching the deadliest, most effective ways to effect quick, profound changes in the mind.

Most people who deal in subliminal products want to charge you more for one short audio file than I do for teaching you how to make all the subliminal tradecraft you want for the rest of your life.

Don't fall for the scams - inform yourself - arm yourself - with the real nuts-and-bolts information that will allow you to unlock your own subliminal power instead of wasting your hard-earned money on flim-flam artists.

Subliminal Warfare will take months off your learning curve and have you creating your own customized images and audio in no time... you can even create a new business around selling your subliminal masterpieces!

Explosive Information That The "Experts" Do NOT Want
You To Find:

  • How to use subliminals with someone and NOT get caught!
  • The story of subliminals and Disney… the most popular children’s entertainment company inserts subliminals all the time and now you’ll see how
  • Objective vs Subjective Thresholds – understand these and you’ll be able to subliminally influence anyone
  • A section detailing how to incorporate subliminal messages into your professional life – boost your sales and dominate the competition
  • Use subliminal messages to overcome anyone’s sexual hang-ups
  • The incredibly powerful subliminal torture methods used by the US military
  • The one “big secret” to success with subliminals
  • How to director of “The Exorcist” employed subliminal images to make the one of the most terrifying movies of all time
  • Make big bucks creating subliminal images, audio, and video

Order NOW And Receive A Complimentary Copy Of "Subliminal Audio Mastery"

You may have noticed it before... custom subliminal audio for sale at exorbitant prices.

Now you don't have to pay crazy prices for your own custom subliminal audio programs - because I'm going to show you how to make your own - it's fast, easy, and FREE.

In Subliminal Audio Mastery you will discover:

  • Where to download FREE software that will let you turn ANY audio - even popular songs - into subliminal war machines
  • The power of "silent subliminals" and how to use them
  • How to implant sexual suggestions in someone's favorite music
  • The secret of binaural tones
  • The subconscious mind - how to effectively attack it
  • Backmasking - how to manipulate music and speech to enter someone's mind in reverse

Here's How To Order Right Now:

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Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

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Take care,

Jack Ellis

P. S. "Subliminal Warfare" is the best guide to creating subliminal images and audio available.   Try it now at my risk, and if you don't think it lives up to the hype just email me within 30 days and you'll receive every penny of your money back.   You'll be amazed at the difference this can make in your life!

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