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Spiritism... Mentalism... Witchcraft... Black Magic... Thought-Control... Materialization...

Have you ever wished you could control such powers - and use them in your daily life, secretly and successfully?

NOW - here is a book that shows how it may be done!

Simply by following a few basic instructions, you will learn how to perform a powerful psychic act - in the privacy of your own home, with no tools or gimmicks - to release the secret energies of Spirit-Thought Magic!

This will help you to enrich and improve your life beyond anything you now imagine!

Yes - the Secret of Spirit-Thought Magic will reveal to you how the power of Spiritism may be used to gain ascendancy over the power of materialism in your life.

Individuals around the world have used this to overwhelm people romantically, secretly capture and rule any person they choose, find islands of hidden treasure, and contact their astral counterparts!

Yes, It Will Work For You:

Why you can become enough like the other person to anticipate his thoughts and possible actions

Attach a drifting mate to you permanently

The secret of the Spine-Brain-Psychic Impulse

How you can control the wide-ranging seat of Fortune-Making Ideas in your brain

The mysterious significance of the Tigroid Bodies of Mystic Power

Your invisible "Gurthwitch Rays" explained

How emotional traumas to the head may trigger mystic power (!)

Why you see, but don’t realize you see, the “invisible” creatures in the air around you

How to absorb the right spirit with explosive power

The scientific basis of the "astral rattle"

Sound Incredible?   Not In The Least...

These secrets were known and practiced many thousands of years ago...

long before modern civilization made its appearance!

Researchers traveled to Tibet and Assam in search of these secrets - and were shocked at what they found!

Instead of mysterious rituals and ceremonies, they learned how one single technique - "secret psychic feeling" - lay behind complete mastery of all psychic powers!

You'll be amazed to see how quickly this technique "supersensitizes" your nervous system to mystic-like control.

Without even being aware of it, you may automatically find yourself receiving guidance and instructions from the other world - bearing riches and treasures for you to stagger the imagination!

Wonderful Experiences Like These Can Be Duplicated In Your Life... Swiftly And Easily:

Find lost articles and other things which have tragically vanished from your life

The terrifying power of Evil Spirit-Thoughts all around you - and how to defeat them

How to amplify the Astral Nerve Center

How to transmute another person's Astral Body

Reach the "other earth" and find your Astro-Spirit Counterpart

Why (and how) you need to convert yourself into a Supercharged Astro-Electric Battery

The difference between obsession and possession

How to fall into the "mantic trance"

Amazing True Experiences!

This book will work for you, just as it has worked for countless others!

You will see:

  • How a man "found" a $15 million gold treasure!
  • How a woman recovered her stolen property in a few seconds
  • How a man suddenly acquired a phenomenal learning-memory and passed extremely difficult examinations with it!
  • How a man read the treacherous mind of a friend, and averted disaster!
  • How a poverty-stricken housewife rose up from the slums to a new life of wealth and riches!

All you have to do is use this book to learn how!

You Get 200+ Pages Of Lost Knowledge, Including:

How you, too, can suddenly get that one, little idea to make you rich quickly

How to draw another person's individuality into you

The 4 steps to learn people's concealed secrets

Physiological evidence that the victim of loss of self-control is wholly possessed

Take psychic possession of others with these 4 secrets

How to read by the "astral light" and instantly procure any memory information you wish

The four secret steps to draw to you Secret-Thought-Magic to regain your self-possession

How to listen to your Astral Synaptic Sound

My "Written In Stone" Guarantee:

You risk absolutely nothing when buying The Secret of Spirit-Thought Magic because you have a 30-day guarantee.

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