"You Demanded It... Now You Have It.   More Incredible Seduction Tactics From The Legendary Anton!

The First Volume Was Groundbreaking - But You Haven't Seen Anything Yet...

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


Last year when I released Satanic Sex Secrets the response was amazing!

The interview with Anton, an older, rather unattractive man who uses the trappings of Satanism to seduce women of all ages was a big hit - you guys loved it...

Here's One Example Of The Correspondence I Received:

The first Satanic Sex Secrets featured Anton, a man in his 50's who you would never guess gets women like crazy.

With his devastating language patterns and sneaky methods to get women to do almost anything without feeling guilty, not to mention his amazing success rate at putting together threesomes, Anton struck a nerve with seducers who were looking for something new.

This wasn't cheap pornography dressed up as "how to get girls" advice.

It wasn't material that had been done to death countless times before.

Anton is a breath of fresh air.   Anyone can call themselves an "expert" but how many "experts" actually offer a new perspective on something as old as time?

Less than 1 in 1000 men on the face of the earth will have access to the information you have access to right now.

Due to popular demand, I paid a considerable amount of money to sit down with Anton for 2 hours and pick his brain once again.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You'll Learn From My Second Interview
With Anton...

The ''Satanic Boyfriend Destroyer'' - Anton's sinister pattern to seduce women with boyfriends or husbands

Improved threesome strategies that pay off with more sex than you ever thought possible

Why less than 10% of men in the world have true power and freedom with woman - and how you can join them!

How to perform ''Energy Ripping'' - this short visualization method will increase your pulling power by at least 50% in a few minutes

The secret to keeping a woman around as long as you want - while also sleeping with OTHER women

The ''L-Ron'' sex vampire method - this outrageous technique was something stolen from Scientology by Anton. Please don't try this...

The secret behind 'Satan's Magickal Squares' - use this 'game' to capture her attention and segue into patterns

The ''Black Messiah'' pattern - this is like Speed Seduction on steroids - only use this in emergencies when you want her right NOW

The #1 gimmick any Satanic seducer should have to attract women's attention

2 brand-new ''Satanic'' rituals that will have her stripping off and begging for it in no time

The Biggest Myth Is That You Have To Be Good-Looking, Wealthy, Or Well-Endowed To Have Success With Women...

That's the beautiful thing about this system...

If Anton wasn't so concerned with his privacy I would show you his photo - and you would laugh your ass off!

He certainly doesn't fit the mold of a "ladies man" and that's good news - because it means you don't need to either.

Anton will show you how to manipulate the dating scene to get exactly what you want - a never-ending stream of women eager to do just about anything you say - and you don't need to be rich or packing like John Holmes to make it happen!

Using the advice in this book will lead to women wanting to be with you wherever you go - and the best part is, most of them won't even know why!

I Pulled 7 New Language Patterns
From Anton's Evil Mind... You'll
Get All Of Them And More:

The secret to sleeping with LOTS of women in a short amount of time - Anton has enjoyed 3 new women in 2 days before

"Burned at the Stake" - this pattern will make her want to get revenge against her ancestors - by taking off her clothes!

Luciferian Tantra - sex exercises and methods that will make you feel like a porn star!

The whole truth about Satanic Blood Oath Societies - do they exist?

How to handle flakes in a manner that will have them BEGGING for another chance and wanting you more than ever

How to create a ''sex slave doll'' - this bit of humor can go a long way toward seducing her

Sado-magic revealed - how combining sadomasochism with Satan Sex Secrets can be devastating

The dreaded "4P" pattern... Anton got this pattern from a bizarre mind-bending cult and uses it to build a legion of followers

This Isn't Another Recycled Ebook - Everything In It Is New...

You probably can't help but notice that nearly everything published nowadays on seduction is a rehash of something that has been done before.

Not so with Satanic Sex Secrets II.

The methods, techniques, and language patterns are all brand new and have never been published anywhere else!

I keep a pretty close eye on the "seduction community" since I've been involved in it since 1999.

A lot of great information has been released over the past dozen or so years... unfortunately, some people have decided to recycle that information again and again.

As someone who was involved near "the beginning" and even managed Mystery, I'm proud to offer you something new and fresh!

Leave The Message Board Herd Animals Behind And Discover:

"Satan's Aphrodisiac" - a hypnotic pattern that convinces a woman you've lured her in with an irresistible aphrodisiac - it's like hypnotic drugs

The simple voice mail message that Anton uses to get a call back EVERY time. You won't believe how easy it is...

The ultimate lesson in ''frame control'' that will draw in women like a magnet

How to scope out ''niche'' pickup spots where you can score new women every weekend

The ''Rosemary's Baby'' pattern - when women hear this they'll want to be ravished by ''The Devil''

The COMPLETE blueprint to Anton's hypnotic method - in a few minutes you'll know all about Satanic Hypnosis

"Ultimate Evil" - a pattern designed to encourage her to do unspeakable things... with you

Mind-blowing, touchless orgasms - you can give them to her after delivering this pattern...

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Taoist Secrets of Love is nearly 300 pages long and is an encyclopedia on how to harness your innate, natural sexual energy.

The main thrust of the book is to strip away the mysticism, the mumbo-jumbo, the powers vested in the Guru, the reliance on things-other-worldly or magical.

The author seeks to present, instead, a fully predictable working model that might be considered as a scientific means of dealing with energy systems.

Why has the amazing power of sex been kept a secret?   Read this book and find out!

The perfect compliment to Satanic Sex Secrets II, Taoist Secrets of Love will tell you all about:

  • Cultivating the "Valley Orgasm"
  • Transforming sexual energy into spiritual love
  • How to absorb sexual energy from the sun
  • The secret of "the Small Heavenly Cycle"
  • How to enlarge and elongate your penis
  • And much, MUCH more

Examine Satanic Sex Secrets II Entirely
At My Risk - You Have Absolutely
Nothing To Lose...

Thatís because everything is covered by an unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 30-day money back guarantee.

That means you can check out the entire package for a full 4 weeks, and if you're not thrilled with how much it helps your ability to attract women and your sex life, I'll refund every penny of your money to you - no questions asked.

In fact, you don't even need to give a reason - your word is good enough.

Here's How To Order Right Now:

You will receive instant access to the book and bonuses

(Even if it's 3:30 AM on a Sunday)

                                                                        Take care,

                                                                        Jack Ellis

P.S. Don't sit on your hands and let the other guy get a hold of this information.   The only way to attract more women is to learn new techniques that the masses haven't had a chance at yet - and this is it!   If you don't buy Satanic Sex Secrets II your sex life could go to hell!

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