Miracle Spiritology
Here's How To Unleash A Volcano Of Powerful Energy To Automatically Attract Everything That
You Want From Life!

"Your Passport To A World Of Infinite Prosperity And Fulfillment...

From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Friend:


You have in front of you at this very moment a safe, easy shortcut to fabulous riches, love and fulfillment, restored power, and richer meaning to your life.

The magic of Miracle Spiritology can lift you out of a dreary, ho-hum existence and into a whole new world where you control your destiny, where you command your greatest desire!

It can all be yours - everything you've always wanted from life - once you discover the amazing secret of Miracle Spiritology Energy!

Imagine - a NEW LIFE, filled to the brim with all the golden blessings you've always dreamed of.   It makes no difference whether you are old or young, sick or well, man or woman.   You can be a school dropout, completely poverty-stricken, totally friendless and alone.

Miracle Spiritology can make you a winner in everything you do!   And since it is ruled by natural law, IT CANNOT REFUSE TO WORK FOR YOU!

You'll Be Astounded At How Simple It Is To Discover:

Step naturally into your rightful place as master of all the conditions of your life

An exercise that will make you the controller rather than the controlled

Profitably view the future - and change the parts you don't like

The eight danger signals that indicate you're about to be had

How to make yourself appear taller (or shorter) or mask any physical defect

The Magic Words of Victory - how to handle conflicts with big organizations

The seven major centers of Miracle Spiritology Power and what they bring you

Gain great power, prestige, and popularity

Get tangible help from unseen spirit beings

A closer look at the energy field that includes your physical body

How to enrich your life by contacting your own spirit lover!

Greatly improve your memory and overall mental capacity

Exactly What Is Miracle Spiritology Energy?

Advanced scientific research seems to indicate that each life cell is somehow capable of being aware of the existence and state of well-being of all other cells.

This, it is claimed, is due to the constant flow of Miracle Spiritology Energy (MSE), which is emitted by all substances but on different frequencies.

It thus becomes a matter of simply being able to "tune in" these invisible waves of energy in order to harness their power.

Once you know how to do this (and it is described, in step-by-step detail within these pages) you'll be able to control powerful streams of MSE and divert them to those aspects of our life you want changed.

People who don't know your secret will say that you have suddenly become lucky or have found a magic charm, but only you will know about the surging power you have at your command!

Best of all, the simple and easy-to-use techniques and rituals for unleashing MSE require absolutely no equipment except your own mind - because YOU hold the key to unlocking the floodgates of riches and success that are yours for the asking!

The Mysterious World Within You Is Now Revealed...

How to fill your aura with so much power that no one dares attack you

Get a long-lost friend to email or call you on the phone

Use "Vector Programming" to make tremendous changes in future events

Build a living Miracle Spiritology programmed entity whose sole purpose is to manifest your desire.

How to pump new life into an old relationship

A "Quickie" exercise and personal incantation to bring positive Miracle Spiritology results

The "energy flow" view of money - never suffer from being broke again

Banish obsessing thoughtforms, entities, and demons from your experience forever

Control the weather and other aspects of your environment

When is it ethical to control another person?

Yes, Your TRUE DESTINY Is The Abundant Life!

More money than you know how to spend, incredible popularity, an exciting career, perfect health, a fabulous love life... and the certain knowledge that you are a winner in everything you undertake in life!

A wonderful new life awaits you.

At this very moment, things are starting to turn for the better.

This book is your passport to a world of infinite prosperity and fulfillment.

Use it wisely to attain unending love, friendship, pleasure, wealth, and all the wonderful luxuries of the world - starting today!

Open The Door To Your Hidden Power...

How to sense and use the omnipotent energy of Miracle Spiritology

Recognize and destroy secret psychic attack

How to project an aura of importance and power to make people assume that you are important

An exercise to improve your well-being by sensing the energies around you

How to set your personal magnetism to attract people you will like and love

How psychic and psychological pressure affects your aura

Free yourself from subtle control by others

See through walls and exert personal mastery over space-time

How to breathe yourself right out of your body

A powerful ritual to build your permanent psychic defense

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