Unlock The Ancient Secret Powers Of The Pyramids!

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


Now you can discover and reap the remarkable benefits of the Four Faces of the Pyramid, claims noted psychic investigator Geof Gray-Cobb.

According to Gray-Cobb, scientific investigations have shown that the pyramid shape - whether the Great Pyramids of Egypt or the miniature cardboard model that you will construct in your own home - conjures up forms of energy and power that he says can affect material objects, change natural laws, and bring on sensational and unexplained happenings!

Tune In To New Psychic Energy Power!

In this power-packed book the author shows you step-by-step methods he has evolved to help you develop your New Psychic Energy Power.

All you have to do is identify some problem in your life and this proven psychic self-help tool will bring your dreams to fruition and smooth your life path to riches, love, protection, and health, says the author!

Within these pages you'll discover the life-miracles of such people as:

Dexter D., who used his New Psychic Energy Power to become one of the richest people in Hollywood

Carol Y., who used New Psychic Energy Power to overcome a lifelong fear of men and was married soon after

Betty S., who soared from misery to total contentment after a man left her pregnant, she was hit by a car... but now lives in comfort and happiness

The Four Faces Of The Pyramid

Inside this electrifying Psychic Power Guide, Gray-Cobb tells of the three pyramid tools which he says are part of your physical body and from which he says you can draw an unending stream of vital energy.

In this book the author takes you around the Four Faces of the Pyramid:

  • The North Face of Material Wealth

  • The East Face of Love and Peace of Mind

  • The South Side of Protection and Offense

  • The West Side of Health and Strength

Gray-Cobb even provides you with instructions for the construction of a simple but powerful New Psychic Energy Generator that he says will become a "tangible and visible source of your miracle-working energy."

"I've found New Psychic Energy Power to be one of the greatest life-manipulating energies around," reports the author.   "This is a simple way to happiness, and you're already on your way there.   I know: New Psychic Energy Power planned it that way."

"Secrets From Beyond The Pyramids" Will Change Your World:

  • Create instant assets with the New Psychic Energy Image Technique

  • Turn bad into good swiftly by employing the Mystic Pentafork Method

  • How one skeptic was convinced after only 3 days

  • Spark up your mundane life with the Northern Earth Application

  • Overcome opposition with the Sympathetic Portrayal Technique

  • Money and possessions are yours with the Golden Square of Prithevi

  • Enslave your love target with the Multiple Quadratic Encirclement

  • Locate your invisible Mandible-Pineal Energy Focus

  • Dispel loneliness with the Magnetic Pictorial Technique

  • Improve your gambling luck with the Amazing Triad Attunement

  • Make all negatives fade into sublime nothingness

  • Bring a perfect lover with the Eastern Air Technique

Have You Ever Watched One Of Those TV Shows Where The Hero Or Heroine Has Everything?

Leisured and successful, he or she basks in adulation from others, enjoys a stimulating and unpressured life where a crook of the finger brings worshiping partners, fawning waiters, and financial advisers.

The penthouse, ranch, boats, helicopter, nice clothes, best wines, and blooming health are the visible symbols of the fulfillment which can be attained.

Maybe you've dreamed about emulating one of those stars.

Perhaps not down to the last detail - no one, for instance, is going to force a Lear jet on you if you dislike flying - but in essence, you wish you had some of the attributes and success of the very rich.

This book will do that small thing for you, if that's your desire.

You're going to learn how very soon.   But above and beyond the status symbols, the jewels and the big bankroll, New Psychic Energy Power offers an even greater prize which is yours for the asking.   That prize is peace and contentment, a reward which even some of the richest and most outwardly successful people spend their entire lives reaching for, yet fail to grasp.

All that's for you, if you'll come with me on a fascinating journey through this book.

You're about to learn all this and more:

  • How one man used this to find his "personal harem"
  • Use the Blue Circle of Vayu to gain automatic freedom from despair
  • Repel any black magic attack
  • Get everything you want thanks to New Psychic Energy Gestures
  • Your three Facial Psychic Pyramidic Features
  • How to assemble your New Psychic Energy Generator
  • Apply the Six-Rayed Star Thought for bodily and mental perfection
  • Expel suffering with the Western Water Technique
  • Use this secret to make all your obstructions will fade away like magic
  • Find total contentment with Skyscraper Attraction
  • Achieve blossoming health with the Silver Crescent of Apas
  • Explore the Astral City where also-rans are turned in to winners