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Internationally known metaphysician and numerologist Helyn Hitchcock says:

"You are a potential millionaire.   You can have, do, or be what you want most in life!"

Sounds impossible?   Too good to be true?

Well, IT’S NOT, states the author.   YOU can become master of your fate — and play second fiddle to no one!   YOU are about to learn the incredible secret of Psychograms!

But first, a question...

"Do You Really Have Everything That You Ever Wanted From Life?"

If you are completely satisfied, and do not want to change even one iota of your present condition or surroundings, then there is no need for you to read this book.

If, on the other hand, you want more money to pay your bills, buy something such as a new house or car, travel, or accumulate a large bank account, then this book is for you.

If you want perfect health, a fabulous love-life, or power over people, then you’re only pages away from making your fondest dreams come true!

This book reveals the formula that can make it happen!

All this is yours — and much more — when you discover how to obtain what you desire through the use of Psychograms!

What Is A Psychogram?

According to the author, a Psychogram is a simple formula or method for you to use to attract and release the occult or higher mind power within you to solve your problems or acquire whatever is your uppermost goal.   Psychograms act as push-buttons to open the door to cosmic forces, which when used correctly, cannot refuse to work for you.

What's more, you don’t need an advanced college degree for Psychograms to work.   Educated or not, sick or well, popular or friendless... it doesn’t matter.   People from all walks of life have used Psychograms to attract whatever they wanted — and you can, too!

The Magic Of Psychograms Is Waiting To Show You:

  • You Are Your Own Master — You Can Command Others to Do Your Bidding

  • Hyper-Psychogram to Produce the Right Solution For Any Problem

  • How You Can Tap Into Your Higher Mind Power to Avoid Disaster

  • Chancepmatograms For Gambling Success

  • Suggestogram to Impress Creative Intelligence to Materialize Desire

  • Five Steps Necessary to Activate Higher Forces

  • Hyper-Telepathic Power or Your Sixth Sense (Telepathy)

  • How to Plant the Mental-Seed of Success and Prosperity

  • Secret Psychogram to Induce Psychic Communication

  • Para-Aurograms: Seeing and Reading an Aura

  • Psychometric Psychograms: Mind Reading By Physical Contact

  • How to Protect Yourself Against Adverse Influences - You Can Protect Yourself Against Evil Thoughts

  • Dynamo Psychic Power: Technique and Proof YOU Can Attract It

  • The Truth About Ouija Boards and Other Divination Tools


Psychic Dreamology

Since time immemorial, man has been mystified by his dreams.

But he has felt that somehow dreams expressed some higher power within his own mind trying to warn him of coming events or revealing a pattern of destiny known only to this power.

Modern psychologists think that there is more to dreaming than was formerly believed by Freud and his followers, who felt that dreams represented suppressed desires mostly associated with the sexual instinct.

Some psychologists have come to the conclusion that dreams represent another dimension in which extrasensory powers are released by a higher, superconscious mind, that this mind is trying to weave a tapestry of dreams to reveal a pattern of destiny that the dreamer himself has chosen.   In this way the dreamer senses his future in symbolical form by actually tapping his own higher psychic senses.   Most people who have had psychic or clairvoyant dreams undoubtedly tapped this superconscious mind and in some mysterious fashion were made aware of events that were to occur.

Are you ready to harness the power of your dreams?

This book is nearly 200 pages long - effectively making this a two for one special!

How You Can Use This Invisible Dynamic Power

You cannot see air, but you know it exists and that you need and use it constantly, since it is a vital ingredient in your life.

You cannot see electricity, but you know it’s an actual force which you also use.   You cannot see the great mystical occult power that can change and rebuild your life, but there is a technique — namely, a mystical psychogram - which will put you in direct contact with this dynamic cosmic power to bring to you a fortune, command over others, protection against adverse forces and happiness.

There's Nothing Complicated About It, Either...

The mystical Psychograms revealed within these pages work like magic to solve your problems and attract all of the good things in life.

Step-by-step and in clear, concise language, she shows you how to contact the dynamic cosmic power within you to bring to you a fortune, instant command over others, protection against adverse forces, and unflagging happiness!

Each Psychogram is as easy to apply as reciting the ABC’s.   All you have to do is use the appropriate Psychogram provided in each chapter to fit your definite need and — presto! — your desire will be fulfilled!   It's as simple as that.

She also provides scores of case histories — real life stories of Psychograms - in action — to prove that Psychograms really do perform seeming miracles in the lives of ordinary people.

Here, then, is the fast, easy method to put you on millionaire's row, or give you giant power over others either in love, business, or social contacts.

Even your greatest desire can be yours — using the magic of Psychograms!

As always, I personally guarantee you will love The Magic of Psychograms or you may contact me for a refund at any point within 30 days.

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