Your Desires Are About To Become The Desires Of The Infinite - And NOTHING Can Prevent Their Manifestation!

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


In this book, the author shows you how to generate a Psycho-Cosmic Power carrier wave, and give it the power to reach the "receiving station” of the Infinite!

Any wish or desire you have may then be sent directly to the Infinite Power over this invisible carrier wave, somewhat like a loudspeaker is used to amplify the voice, or a wire is used to carry a telephone message.

A psychic carrier wave is formed by sound vibrations.   So the first step, says the author, is to form the wave by using a very special Mystic Mantrum (incantation).

The next step, he says, is to place your desire on the carrier wave, which carries it directly to the Infinite (like a flower petal that is carried along by a swift stream).

The third step is the easiest... simply leave the results to the infinite power and intelligence.   Once you set the Psycho-Cosmic Power forces in motion, your desire has become the desire of the Infinite Itself, and nothing can prevent its manifestation!

How To Receive Anything You Want Through Psycho-Cosmic Power!

In these pages, you’ll discover how to place any specific desire you have on the Carrier Wave. There is a special technique for doing this, as the author explains.

Then you’ll discover:

  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Attract More Money and Lead the Abundant Life!
  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Eliminate Worry and Gain True Peace of Mind!
  • How to Attain Perfect Health for Yourself and Your Loved Ones!
  • How to Let Psycho-Cosmic Power add a Whole New Dimension to Your Life!
  • How to Enhance Your Effectiveness Through Psycho-Cosmic Power!
  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Become the Life of the Party and Gain Many new Friends!
  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Attract and Hold the Perfect Mate!
  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Sweep Unwanted People and Conditions Out Of Your Life!
  • How to Turn Surrender Or Defeat Into Smashing Victory!
  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Perfect Your Personal Relationship to God!
  • How to Use Psycho-Cosmic Power to Open New Doors of Expression, Fulfillment, and Accomplishment!
Amazing Techniques Work Time After Time!

Once you contact the Infinite with Psycho- Cosmic Power, the author emphasizes, you will be heard!   And in these fascinating pages, you'll discover how this same technique has helped men and women of all ages, in all walks of life — even "unbelievers!"

People like...

Warren D., who used this method to increase his prosperity and abundance! The Infinite heard him — just as you will be heard — and his weekly pay was increased from $75 to $150, from $150 to $300, from $300 to $600, from $600 to $1200 a week — until he felt comfortable enough to turn his attention to spiritual studies!

Mrs. Emma L., a widow in her late fifties developed a serious heart condition that seemed to top off a series of minor ailments of the liver, bladder, throat and gall bladder.   And yet, with Psycho-Cosmic power every one of these symptoms was relieved, quickly, easily, naturally!

... and many others, all reported in full in this amazing book.   You’ll discover the same technique these people used for calling on the Infinite with Psycho-Cosmic Power.   It's all spelled out for you, step by step, with complete, easy-to-follow directions!

Harness Your Inner Psycho-Cosmic Energy And Find Out:

Why hard work isn't always the answer

Three simple steps to control PCP

Construct your own personal master plan

How to communicate with your deeper Cosmic self

How to play the great game of life

The special importance of relaxed awareness

Acquire an ever-growing divine surplus of whatever you desire!

How to remove "mental poisons" from your life permanently

How to lead a charmed life

Build a full inch of Cosmic protective light like spiritual armor plate around your body, your car, your home, and other important possessions

How to use PCP to develop extra-sensory-perception

How to tap the wisdom of the ages

Use PCP to become socially successful

This Energy Is Flowing Through You Right Now...

A few "lucky" people seem to be swept along to greater and greater success, happiness, and fulfillment of their desires.

They demonstrate a fantastic ability to accomplish, because they are tapping a stream of irresistible energy!   This same energy flows largely unharnessed through the lives of all of us, just waiting to be used.

You have only to recognize its value, reach out, and use it - here is your chance!

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