How Your Discovery Of Higher Sense Perception Can Change Your Life!

The Age When Psychic Powers Were Mere Curiosities And Stageshow Gimmicks Is Gone...

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


In this book you will step with me into a new dimension of sense perception - a dimension of expanded mental and psychic powers.

Within you, as well as every person, are powers you have never tapped.

A systematic understanding of these powers can lift you to new levels of happiness, security, and material abundance, give you greater freedom, guide you, protect you, and set your feet upon the highway to successful and masterful living.

How do you tap these powers?   By discovering the higher reaches of the senses you now possess... by developing your latent higher sense perception or HSP.

In the pages that follow, the author shall share with you simplified, systematic techniques which enable you to turn psychic potentials into practical powers for successful living.

Powers such as:

  • RETROCOGNITION - what it is and how to develop it
  • How to attune to telepathic messages
  • The Lower Psychic Level vs The Upper Psychic Level
  • How to use Directed Dream Power for Success
  • Programming protection into the subconscious
  • Ways to develop foresight and guidance
  • How to tap the psychic and mystic levels
  • Freeing yourself from environmental influences
What Higher Sensory Powers Have Done For Others:

Through a quarter of a century the author lectured and wrote on higher sensory powers, and he has witnessed transformations in the lives of countless people who have recognized and used these expanded powers of mind consciously.   The changes they demonstrated, you can also experience, for example:

  • Totally new ability to solve daily problems to your satisfaction
  • Protection and an amazing sense of security in daily affairs
  • Success and abundance of material riches
  • Friends and desirable companionship
  • Health of mind and body
  • Freedom from the specters of fear that are choking your success
  • New self-command over your destiny and ability to influence others
  • Peace of mind in a changing world to meet all challenges thrown at you

The age when psychic powers were mere curiosities and stageshow gimmicks is gone.

There is a growing awareness today that telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition, and telekinesis are genuine powers which every individual possesses in some degree.

Extra-sensory perception for example is not to be ridiculed or spoken of in whispers behind drawn curtains.   It is to be practiced openly and confidently on the great stage of daily life, HSP is to be used for your successful, expanded living to secure all that you ever wanted for yourself.

Your Guide To Psi-Power!

Here is the way to unfold the powers hidden within your mind!

After you have read this book once, continue to expand your psi-ability by turning to the page listed for a specific Psi-Programming Pointer.   Read the paragraphs that introduce it.   This refreshes for you the purpose of the pointer.   Then, copy it and let its significance sink into your subconscious mind, becoming a part of your self-image.

  • To overcome a dull, negative aura that turns friends and success away, use: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 181.
  • To prepare yourself psychologically for success in demonstrating higher sensory powers, use: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 70.
  • To activate the superior wisdom latent within you, use: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 18.
  • To get the “BIG VIEW” that defies past, present, and future, apply: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 81.
  • To connect with the success circuits of others on the universal mental switchboard, use: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 106
  • To keep your psychic development directed toward constructive and safe results, practice: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 126.
  • To become master of your emotions and guide them wisely in the waking state and dream state, use: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 143.
  • To change your response-pattem and break the hold of negative memories, use: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 202.
  • To experience an incarnation of freedom and expanded sensory powers, practice: Psi-Programming Pointer on page 205.
You'll No Longer Say "This Is Impossible!"

"You must be psychic!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth!"

"I can read her like an open book."

"I just knew it would happen!"

"I’ve been thinking about you all day."

"You must have been reading my mind!"

"How did you know what I was thinking?"

"I had the strangest feeling about that!"

These are but a few of the statements I have heard people make who never dreamed they had psychic powers.

People have hunches, they get telepathic messages, they know things intuitively, a parade of psychic experiences march through their lives, but they seldom recognize them as extra-sensory events.

How Psychic Are You?

How psychic are you?

Don’t say you aren't, for everyone has powers over and above the normal level of sense perception.

Everyone has an extension of the objective powers of seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and hearing.

You will discover as you read on that you have already had experiences that can be classified as instances of higher sense perception (HSP).

You will also discover as you use the techniques in this book that you can tune into feelings of others, converse with friends by non-physical means, tap wisdom-wells of knowledge, probe past motives, perceive future trends in business, dial success circuits when dealing with other people, use directed dream power for decisions, stop the cycle of recurring failure, and explore the mystic level of the superconscious.

Do you think this is impossible?

Impossible things are happening every day.   We're probing other planets, photographing past events, broadcasting by satellite, growing new hands from people's legs, and the list goes on and on.   No one now says, "such things are impossible."   This is because they have already been demonstrated.

Once you demonstrate the expanded powers taught in this book, you’ll no longer say of psychic experience, "That is impossible."

Are you a believer or a skeptic?   If you are a skeptic, good!

This book will change your mind forever.

And That's Not All!   You'll Also Discover:

  • Dialing your Telepathic Psi-Phone
  • Potentialities of the fifth dimension
  • How to turn Black Magic into White Magic
  • How to activate the Law of Recurrence
  • Attuning to the Cosmic Radiant
  • Using the Universal Mental Switchboard
  • How to reach beyond this time and place
  • How to develop the Higher Sense of Metavision
  • How to see the past, present, and future as one
  • How to Break the Time-Barrer to Success