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First let's define this odd term, "Pragma-Psychics!"

Pragma(tic) - A practical, systematic order of procedure

Psychics - Use of instincts or internal forces of mental activity

Creativity - Productive process involving thought or imagination

Pragma-Psychics: A practical, orderly system of mentally organized creative powers to accomplish specific goals and achievements.

Pragma-Psychics is learning in its most important sense.

If what you are doing is familiar and comfortable, the truth is you are not really learning.   The performance of a feat very unfamiliar to us seems like an act of magic. Such an essence of mystery is due solely to its strangeness and unfamiliarity.

When we come to understand just how such a feat is done, it loses its mystery and becomes familiar.   This period of transition from strangeness to familiarity is the true essence of learning. Familiarity breeds contempt.   It also produces boredom, which in turn causes fatigue, with or without physical exertion.

Yet we are ever seeking new, exciting and challenging experiences, despite our hesitance to meet anything new or strange.

Our prime obstacle in meeting the unfamiliar is lack of confidence.

When you use Pragma-Psychics you can enjoy and savor all of the newness and challenge of every experience, since you can act in complete confidence that your creative powers are ready to deal effectively with every confrontation.

You can plan with full foreknowledge that an exhilarating and fulfilling victory will be yours.   This is no blind bravado, no simple expression of willpower.

Nor is it a denial of facts as they really are!

Develop The "Super Powers" That You Didn't Know You Have:

  • Open to your conscious mind an ever-flowing stream of super-power support and personal guidance
  • Discover formulas for the release of miracle-working powers
  • Learn thought control as practiced by Indian masters
  • How to develop a private, intimate mysticism for a new you
  • The inner-wisdom guidance that guarantees invincibility
  • Program yourself with special symbols of your selection
  • Internalize the Eight Psychic Powers of a Super Man (or Woman!)
  • How to awaken your hidden spirit power
  • Achieve the eight ultimate goals of the Pragma-Psychic initiate
  • Gain initiation into the supernatural hierarchy of Masters - The Order of the Phoenix
Now You Are Able To Invoke "Magic Psychic Guidance" To Watch Over You!

Through the Pragma-Psychic System, you learn to develop Cosmic Inner Wisdom, which is specially designed to help you commune with hidden spirit power in the unseen world!

You see exactly how to contact your spirit guide... how to exchange psychic messages with him... and how to invoke "Magic Psychic Guidance" to watch over you!

Every step along the way, Pragma-Psychics moves you closer and closer to complete fulfillment of your desires - bringing great material abundance; new powers for peace and healing; the gift of infallible decision; and direct contact with the force of Eternal Life Energy to preserve and prolong your happiness!

Further on, you see how to practice an amazing technique known as "Psychic Alchemy" - which was lost for hundreds of years, and only recently rediscovered!   See how it holds the power to change anything in life for the better!

Here Are A Few Of The Things You'll Learn With Your Pragma-Psychics Training:

  • Transform your surroundings and living conditions to meet your fondest dreams, even exceeding many of them
  • How to design the magic tools of Pragma-Psychics
  • Automate your life to create "Instant Living"
  • Open occult channels for peace and healing
  • Set into operation healing rays to revitalize your body
  • Influence the thoughts and attention of others
  • Apply mystic energies for cosmic propulsion to success
  • The true nature of mental or "psychic" magic powers explained
Generals Like George Washington Were Keepers Of This Unknown Energy...

The principles of Pragma-Psychics provide a key to all psychic and cosmic phenomena, the forces of which have motivated great events throughout history.

With an understanding of these principles of Pragma-Psychics, you will TURN-ON psychic creative powers transforming you into a super-being, a member of a group composing less than 2% of the earth’s population.

Throughout the evolution of Pragma-Psychics it has controlled and directed activities among masses of mankind for many centuries.

In every generation there have been those who learned or were taught these principles which TURN-ON psychic powers.

Psychic powers are definitely not a gift beyond your reach, but a gift that is earned through effort.   This is one reason why so many people are afraid!

Pragma-Psychics Contains The Keys To Forbidden Wisdom:

  • Attract all the money and wealth you have need of
  • Psychic Isometrics - astonishing mental actions which enable you to perform thought control, astral projection, telekinesis, and other great feats
  • Generate the luck and control to win contests, score crushing upset victories, and confound all of the experts
  • Open secret pathways to new psychic forces
  • How to "order" a happy tomorrow for yourself - easier than ordering fast food!
  • Mentally visualize and predict future events
  • How to build your "Super Self" personality
  • The "Creed Cards" - with these powerful affirmations, you achieve direct contact with the Spirit Forces - to as for and receive their help whenever needed
  • How to magnify and multiply your wealth of time and money

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"I can cite you story after story of how this power has turned around the lives of so many, but I want you to discover the REALITY for yourself.   No amount of good luck enjoyed by another is going to change your situation.


Let me let you in on something else: with psychic power at your beck and call, you will realize that you can GAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUTURE.

You will also be able to anticipate the actions of others in advance.   You can even 'leave your body' and travel invisibly to other places and to other people, WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE.


Science fiction?   No, you can do it - if you want.   Safely and without problems.

Much nonsense has been written about 'astral projection'; fear of not being able to get back into your body, and so on.   There is no mystery and no danger.

I personally love 'astral travelling'; I find it exhilarating and it certainly beats drugs, hallucinations, and the rest; it is only another aspect of natural psychic power, there to use if you want it.

'Fate' is what happens when we don't know it.   If we can see it, we have the option of changing it.   We are not left helpless in a cruel, merciless universe. Whatever you now lack YOU CAN HAVE.   Everything you need to know is detailed in this digital booklet.

This is a White Magic Book.

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