"This Man Has Been A Pimp For Over 20 Years - And What He Has To Say Will Blow Your Mind...

These Guerrilla Seduction Methods Are So Effective They're Technically

From the desk of Jack Ellis:

I have to warn you - the language in this book is rough - very rough.

Over the course of 300+ pages you will read the life story of Rosebudd, a successful pimp for over 20 years...

and embedded in his story are methods that the big-bucks "seduction gurus" have no clue about!

Do you know what "game" really is?

If you listen to popular opinion, you don't!

Some will say it's confidence, some will say it's memorized patterns...

But it's really the ability to stay two steps ahead of your target at all times!

The only way to learn true game is from true players - not from guys selling seats at seduction seminars!

Feminist Groups Are Scared To Death Of These Methods:

How to make a woman crazy about you by standing her up - word for word routine included!

Proven systems for managing more than one woman at a time

Stand among giants - famous entertainers, underworld figures, etc. - after mastering the game

Stop wasting time on strategies that are doomed to fail before you even have a chance!

Learn how to wield the same powerful charisma as all great players

How to employ enough game to stay out of danger - Rosebudd never carried a pistol and was never shot at in 20+ years

The one thing you must NEVER do when a woman decides to leave

The #1 biggest enemy when trying to recruit a girl - how to avoid this

How to always make them need and depend on you so you have power over them

Is Power With Women Something You
Can Handle?

It had better be.

And that's not just marketing B.S.

Throughout this book you'll read accounts of guys who thought they could handle women giving over this sort of power...

but everything blew up in their face when they couldn't take it!

Their failures will help you, however, since you'll learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.

This information is available to all men who seek it... all it takes is some practice to get good, but you must be prepared for it.

Having multiple women worship you like this will cause inevitable challenges but if you can keep a level head you won't believe what you can get away with!

This Is It... Your Chance To Take Your Game To The Highest Level:

Convince women to work for you while you have sex with them

Enjoy a waterfall of women, day after day, week after week!

Why you must ALWAYS have a point of view and make your opinion known

Earn your degree from SWU - Side Walk University - never get taken for a fool

A RARELY used method that will draw women to you like crazy

How to spot a fraud - guys who have "lucked up" with one women but are just play-acting the role of pimp

Up your game to a level that can only be described as "Legendary Seducer"

The 27 commandments that will make you greater than a dynamite pimp - you'll be a Boss Player!

The Brainwashing Methods Of Pimps Will Be Yours In A Few Minutes...

If you doubt the effectiveness of these methods I'd like you to read these excerpts from an article published in the New York Daily News on May 29, 2013:

"Desiree Ellis was the third girl employed by the father-son duo to testify on their behalf at the circus-like trial of Vincent George Jr., 33, and Sr., 55.   The 24-year-old giggled as she recalled good times with George Jr., before he and his pop were busted for sex trafficking, money laundering and promoting prostitution in April 2012.

Leggy blond hooker Desiree insisted she worked "with" her pimp daddy, not "for" him, in bizarre testimony at his trial Wednesday.

Ellis was the third woman who worked for a father-son alleged pimp team to testify in their defense at the circus-like trial of Vincent George Jr., 33, and Vincent George Sr., 55.

The 24-year-old giggled as she recalled good times with George Jr., before he and his pop were busted for sex trafficking, money laundering and promoting prostitution in April 2012.

She described a rosy family life with Junior and four other "wife-in-laws" who affectionately called him Ko.

"Hes a teddy bear," she gushed."

You'll Be A Player - Not A Punk - After You Learn These Shocking Tactics:

How to pace your conversations so you don't get too far ahead of the girl

How to go from being ice to being an iceberg - a necessity for success in this game

The secret "catch and release" technique used by every successful pimp - now you can use it too

Discover the ways to disguise the fact you're a pimp, skyrocketing your success

Know what methods are acceptable with different kinds of women.   This way you can literally guarantee that all your approaches are successful before you even start!

"Speed shifting" - devastating conversational technique of pimps revealed

BIG GAME starts with small moves - no matter where you're at now, you can get to where you want to be

Why so many women want this kind of lifestyle - you'll be surprised to put it mildly

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  • How to use hand gestures to induce hypnosis
  • Create sensations of pleasure - or displeasure - in your subject
  • Unlock the doors that stand between you and total mastery of the mind
  • How to formulate hypnotic suggestions that will make women do whatever you want

What I Guarantee...

I won't guarantee Pimp Secrets 2 will win you a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize.   But, I do promise that if you follow the steps and advice, you WILL have more choice and freedom with women.   In fact, I'm so confident that you can succeed with this book that I will guarantee your satisfaction for a full 30 days.

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                                                                        Jack Ellis

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