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From the desk of Jack Ellis:


Between the covers of this astonishing book Al G. Manning reveals secret methods and rituals that he guarantees can make you a "Moon Magician!"

According to Manning, the moon and its energies provide you with a direct connection between the physical material world and the infinite realms of emotions and magic.   Just as the moon controls the tides of the earth’s rivers and oceans, so too. he says.   It can control the tides of your emotions, health, wealth and love with a simple magical process he claims he can transform your fondest hopes into living reality!

Harness The Extraordinary Powers...

"The purpose of this book is to acquaint you progressively with the various levels of power available to you from the moon, while providing you with the necessary rituals, incantations and other tools for its use, that we may bring you complete power over all parts of your life and confer upon you the title of "Master Moon Magician."

So says the famed occult researcher, Al G. Manning, in this guide to harnessing the extraordinary powers that will bring your fondest hopes into happy, material manifestation.

Moon Magic provides a direct connection between the material world and the realms of the emotions!

According to Manning, this book will serve as your Magic Wand — a sure-fire way to produce apparent miracles in your life such as a hundred dollar bill... a devoted lover... healing for your aching body... or any of the strong desires we all share.

Discover The Modern Magician's Way To Money And Great Riches!

Do you long for simple freedom from financial pressures?   Do you wish you had enough surplus money to do the things you want?   Al G. Manning says that the moon is a symbol of fertility and prosperity, and that the better “Moon Magician” you become, the greater your powers of receptivity.   In these pages he will show you how to master the art of lunar money kinetics... how to receive prosperity from all those who come near you... and how to use the amazing moon walk ritual, that he claims will launch you on the sea of financial success! What’s more, says Manning, as you discover how to become a "Master Moon Magician," you’ll be able to:

  • Use lunar health kinetics to stay at a peak of health indefinitely!
  • Use moon magic rituals to lose weight, obtain a new house or job or win a lottery!
  • Use lunar love kinetics to charm all who come into the sphere of your aura!
  • Use a powerful "moon mirror" rite for defeating or reversing psychic attack!
  • Use the moon magic "winning triangle celebration ritual" for windfalls and success at games of chance!

As a "Moon Magician," Manning says that you will feel snug and secure, because you’ll be working in happy partnership with the spirit beings who enjoy helping you to learn and use the "hidden laws" and energies of the universe to achieve whatever you desire.

You'll grow in a feeling of partnership, he says, with luminaries such as Diana and Pan who will provide you with the final assurance of a lush financial future, states Manning.

Finally, Manning reveals moon magic methods he says you can use to find hidden treasures, lost articles or missing persons, and he describes how you can plan a lifetime program of success and happiness through the constant application of positive moon magic.

MOON MAGIC Will Put A Rocket On Your Backside And Send You Into Orbit With These Secrets:

  • Moon Lore - a direct connection between the material world and the realm of emotion and magic
  • Moon Lore and Moon Magic to bring you love and friendship
  • Moon Lore and Moon Magic to bring you money and great riches
  • Moon Lore and Moon Magic can be used to improve your health
  • How to use Moon Magic to developed super sensory perception - the moon and her role of "The Force"
  • How to use Moon Magic to sweep all obstacles and limiting conditions out of your life
  • Lunar Perfect Protection Kinetics for protection from the Evil Eye and all other forms of psychic attack
  • The Moon Magic "Show Me My Destiny" incantation and ritual - the key to fulfilling your true destiny
  • Moon Magic Lunar Spirit Contact Kinetics - how to get help from your spirit helpers
  • How to build a mystic pyramid and other moon power devices for super results
  • How to use Moon Magic to tap the gold mine of power and useful experience you can obtain by viewing your past lives
  • Moon Magic rituals for handling bosses, parents, children, and other difficult people - and for developing positive interpersonal relationships
  • How to perform the Moon Magician's "Winning Triangle Celebration Ritual" for windfalls and success at games of chance and for finding hidden treasures
  • Moon Magic for special miracles - lose weight, buy a house, win lotteries and more!
  • A lifetime of success and happiness with moon magic

You Get Our "Better Than Your Money Back" Guarantee:

Try "Moon Magic" for a month.   Try some methods from the 199 pages of the book before you go about your daily activities and on special occasions.

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