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From the desk of Jack Ellis:

Hello Friend!

Perhaps you're familiar with my previous audio efforts like HypnoRitual and The Seven Gates - programs that use binaural tones to effect change quickly and with no effort on the part of the listener.

Known as brainwave programming, brainwave entrainment, and binaural beats these programs have worked virtual miracles for hundreds of clients - and now we've refined them to work in just ten minutes of listening!

Creating profound personal change in just a few minutes - with no effort on your part - isn't a dream - it's reality.

"Science Proves - Brainwave Programming Works..."

Brainwave entrainment (BWE), which uses rhythmic stimuli to alter brainwave frequency and thus brain states, has been investigated and used since the late 1800s, yet many clinicians and scientists are unaware of its existence!

But... when neurologists first began to measure the brain’s response to stimuli, it was found that if sound stimuli were precisely timed to the electrical activity of the brain, brainwave patterns could actually be altered.   In turn, the mental state of a person could reliably be changed.

Why and how our brains have these natural rhythms is an interesting question, one not fully answered as yet.   What we do know is that deep structures in the brain fire at a regular rate and seem to set the pace for the cortex – synchronizing brainwave activity across the brain.

Power Mindwaves is built to help you achieve rapid and long lasting personal change.

"Jack, You've Developed The Crack Cocaine Of Brainwave Programming..."

That's an exact quote from one client who wanted a "boost" when he went out to meet women.

He was very specific that the audio file had to be relatively short, because he didn't have all day to sit around listening to MP3s.

After several months I developed the Casanova Induction and he was amazed at how much more success he had with the opposite sex.

Power and choice with the opposite sex aren't all you get with Power Mindwaves!   You'll also receive the following benefits:

  • Better reactions from everyone you meet

  • Hone your intuition to a level where you know what people are going to say - before they say it

  • Conquer procrastination and get so much more accomplished every day of your life

  • Be more optimistic - and radiate an infectious spirit of optimism - in everything you do

  • Feel comfortable taking a little more risk in exchange for much larger rewards in life

  • Completely remove the root causes of your problems once and for all

  • Start attracting the right kind of people in your life

  • Experience true joy instead of "just getting by" every day

  • Overcome shyness, awkwardness, and other limiting behaviors

  • Relax and sleep at a deeper level than before

You Get 90 Minutes Of Brain-Changing Audio:

        1. Confidence Blast - forget about visualization techniques - this will have you feeling more confident than ever before

        2. Casanova Induction - drop-dead effective seduction power developed and used by me personally!

        3. Tantric Tornado - last longer in bed and enjoy increased sensations

        4. Coiled Snake - have an important date or meeting coming up?   This is the perfect file to listen to - gives you the animalistic power you need to win

        5. Fountain of Youth - want to feel the vitality of a person 5-10 years younger?   Play this MP3 and see what happens!

        6. Mental Massage - a file that is great for relaxing - you will want to use this when you're feeling stressed or tired

        7. Laser Focus - if you're like me, you sometimes have trouble concentrating on one task and finishing it.   This file helps immensely!

        8. Energy Drink - Ever have those MONSTER or ROCKSTAR drinks?   Now you can get the enhanced energy without the awful side effects

        9. Nightside Eclipse - have trouble sleeping?   No more!   Just listen to this before you go to bed.


Inner Beast

WARNING: We are not responsible for anything that occurs after listening to this file.

Ever see the movie Altered States?

This 19-minute bonus MP3 is designed to evoke the primitive areas of the brain - the areas we inherited from other forms of life.

Listeners report unusual reactions from other people after listening to this - being viewed with more respect and as more of a leader.

Automatic adjustments in body language are also reported, as well as fearful reactions from potential sexual competitors!

Please don't get carried away with this...

A Power Mindwaves Guarantee:

This page may sound fantastic to you, but brainwave programming will change your life faster than you ever thought possible.

I'm so confident in these audio files that I'll take 100% of the risk.

Try them out for 30 days - and if you aren't happy with the results just send me an email and I'll refund 100% of your money.

Immediately after payment you'll receive access to all ten audio files - they're in MP3 format so you can listen to them on your phone, MP3 player, or whatever device you want.


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