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From the desk of Jack Ellis:

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Have you ever wondered...

  • How some people seem to cure themselves of "incurable" ailments?
  • How some people become multimillionaires in just a few short years?
  • How "has-been" athletes suddenly start to break world records again?
  • How below-average students win big scholarships to prestigious universities?
  • How "outsiders" pick stocks that start to skyrocket almost overnight?
For over two decades, the author of this book has investigated this seemingly impossible phenomenon and found, to his surprise, that these people (often without their conscious knowledge) were using secret mental powers that practically guaranteed success in whatever they tackled!

Search For The Miracle Trigger...

After more than a quarter of a century, the author had studied and refined the different methods these people had used until the mystery became clear.   It was not only the methods they used that counted - but how they triggered them.

Without the right "trigger" they could not even get started!

Years of experimentation finally unraveled the secret of the "trigger" the amazing MIRACLE MIND MAGIC STIMULATOR a discovery that may someday rank as the greatest feat of the 21st Century!

Successfully Used By Hundreds

What happened when the author revealed the secret of the MIRACLE MIND MAGIC STIMULATOR to his small circle of friends and acquaintances?

The results were amazing!

Suddenly, otherwise average people began to achieve miracles in their careers, in their social life, in marriage, in popularity, in controlling others, in self-protection, even in improving their health!

Yet they achieved these things with the same or less effort than they had been using previously!

A Closely-Guarded Secret For Centuries

Was this something new?

The author investigated even further, and found to his great surprise that certain powerful individuals had used these powers all through history.

With this miracle power, he learned, ancient rulers and pagan high priests managed to bring and keep people thousands of miles away under their domination.

They glanced at individuals and read their innermost thoughts.

They divined the future with astounding accuracy and detail.

And they jealously guarded this power and took it with them to their graves.   It was definitely NOT for the common people!

Now in this blazing book the author reveals this lost wisdom and tells you every detail of these long-suppressed secrets.

All the power and the glory of the kings and wizards of old is about to be yours, he promises.

"Trigger the secret mental powers within you with the MIRACLE MIND MAGIC STIMULATOR and make the seemingly impossible in your life come true!" says the author.

Within These 200+ Pages You Will Discover:

  • How a secret "lazy" mental power brings you a power of foresight that makes you unsurpassable

  • Trigger your control over others with the Miracle MInd Magic Stimulator

  • Why the power of your conscious mind is tremendously underrated

  • How to convert a person into your Physiologically-Synchronizing Twin

  • Take someone who lords over you and make them look up to you

  • How a Secret Mental Power can control your vanishing youth and longevity

  • How to be above being considered merely ordinary

  • The Secret "Clench-and-Relax" method to protect you against being dominated by others

  • How to acquire the Psycho-Photographic memory

  • The miracle of the "Thought Beat"

  • How to acquire "Intellectual Leverage"

  • How to make everybody like you and want to know you by using the right physiological language

  • Why you don't think with your brain alone

  • Your secret mental power to gain swift control over others

  • How you can know when to step out of a successful situation before it crashes, and enter a new one and "cash in"

  • The magic of perfect timing in life

  • The sixteen secret rules for Profitable Concentration

  • The three magic secrets to staying young and living long

  • How confused thinking usually starts, and how to overcome it

  • Save yourself from ruin by recalling the "Important Forgotten Thing"

Here's What Someone Wrote Me Today About This Book And Others I've Published:

"I feel your books are far too cheap.   I almost didn't purchase anything, as I thought if what your claiming was true then the price of your books would at least be 99- 199 because that's the going rate for most seduction and self help guru's that don't even compare to the exclusive info that's presented in your books."

Well, I'll let you be the judge of that - at no risk whatsoever.

As always, this book is covered by my money-back guarantee - if you aren't satisfied within 30 days just email me for a refund!

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