"Yes!"... The Invincible Force of Meta-Cosmic Projection Has Worked Miracles In The Lives Of Thousands... And It Can Work Miracles In Your Life, Too!

From the desk of Jack Ellis:

Dear Friend:

You have within you a tremendous treasure known as Meta-Cosmic Projection — you need only unlock the secrets of this power in order to claim success in all things, reports the author!

The author goes on to say that once you discover the Meta-Cosmic secrets revealed in this book, you'll have everything you want and need ... whether it be riches, radiant health, possessions, love and friendship, peace of mind, or power beyond belief!

Age Old Secrets Revealed!

According to the author, Meta-Cosmic Projection is not some fly-by-night idea — IT IS REAL!

In these thrilling pages, the author shows you:

  • How to use the irresistible power of the Psychic Binoculars to see and reach your every goal!
  • How to use the impenetrable protective force of the Meta-Psychic Shield!
  • How to use the magnificent secrets of the Psychic Organizer technique!
  • How to use the unlimited power of the many Meta-Cosmic Projections for anything you desire!
  • And how to use the supreme force of the Meta-Cosmic Projection Telephone!
  • ... all this, and much, much more!
The author says that your opportunities will be endless, and that you’ll soon have the secrets of complete financial security — perfect health — protection from harm — love and happiness in every area of life — and a glorious new standard of living!

Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Best of all, this guide is written in clear, easy-to-understand language with no hard-to-follow directions.

Quicker than you ever thought possible, states the author, you'll have the same secrets of power that have already worked miracles in the lives of so many others.

Here are just a few...

  • Calvin and Doris G. needed $10,000— they received more than $200,000!

  • Jane R. received $1,500... a new job... and a promotion all at once!

  • Miles N. got the money he needed to pay his bills and make a down payment on a new home!
  • Don S. protected his home from the damage of fire!
  • Joe and Sheila G. saved their marriage and are now happier than ever!
And that's not all.

Among the other case histories you'll read about is the story of Evelyn Monahan herself. You'll see how she says she has overcome blindness, epilepsy, and paralysis with the power of Meta-Cosmic Projection!

Because of her miraculous recovery from illness, she vowed to share the details of this force with the entire world.   And so at last, here are the powerful secrets of Meta-Cosmic Projection!

More Success Stories With Meta-Cosmic Projection:

They Did It and So Can You!
  • Calvin and Doris G. needed $10,000 — they received much more. (Chapter 14)

  • Mike N. got the money he needed to pay his bills and make a down payment on a new house. (Chapter 14)

  • Tom K. won a new T. V. (Chapter 5)

  • Ron 0. got the new car he wanted. (Chapter 5)

  • Dan and Iris B. built their dream house. (Chapter 5)

  • Cecil G. saved his son’s life and helped put two dope pushers in jail. (Chapter 8)

  • Sharon A. stopped a burglar and kept her family and home safe. (Chapter 8)

  • Donald W. avoided being in a six-car pile-up. (Chapter 9)

  • Greg M. sold his company his idea. (Chapter 13)

  • Edna D. heard her inner guidance and saved her daughter’s life. (Chapter 12)

  • Denise N. changed from failure to success and got the job she wanted. (Chapter 1)

  • Jane R. received needed money, a new job, and a promotion. (Chapter 2)

  • Bill K. won a $500 cash award. (Chapter 3)

  • Jerry and Joan B. got the money they needed to spend an entire summer in Europe. (Chapter 5)

  • Joe and Sheila G, saved their marriage and are happier than ever. (Chapter 4)

  • Rick W. got a new self-image and a new career. (Chapter 2)

  • Virginia G. overcame depression and nervousness during menopause. (Chapter 6)

  • Joseph W. overcame his secret enemies and gained a promotion at work. (Chapter 8)

  • Sarah T. overcame severe depression and developed a habit of happiness. (Chapter 6)

  • Virginia R. breezes through the heaviest traffic jams. (Chapter 9)

  • Mary J. got an urgent message to her husband that resulted in a large sales commission. (Chapter 10)

  • Rose A. brought eight old friends back into her life. (Chapter 10)

  • Robert L. protected his home so well that burglars left frustrated. (Chapter 11)

  • Tim R. was protected from serious injury on his job. (Chapter 11)

  • Robert M. broke a six-year psychotherapy habit. (Chapter 12)

  • Dan S. protected his home from the damage of fire. (Chapter 11)

  • Katherine B. reunited her family and refurnished her home. (Chapter 15)

  • Daren T. wrote his own happy ending to a big business deal. (Chapter 13)

  • George T. overcame a history of four divorces and achieved a happy marriage. (Chapter 4)

  • Don and Betty H. bought all their family’s food at terrific savings. (Chapter 5)

  • Tony and Joyce D. got over a hundred dollars they weren’t scheduled to receive. (Chapter 14)

What This Book Can Do For You:

Would you like to know the secrets that can bring into your life all you need and want?

Would you like to have the money to pay off bills, buy a house, purchase a car, travel, and still have a healthy bank account?

Is depression or emotional stress a problem in your life?

The secrets of Meta-Cosmic Projection can banish these problems and more for you — not in years or months but now!

Have you had a problem finding a job?   Do you want a promotion at work?   Would you like to have better working conditions?

The secrets of Meta-Cosmic Projection can bring you the future you want by solving your problems today.

Countless numbers of people have already discovered the unlimited power these secrets place in their life and you owe it to yourself to discover those secrets too.

The invincible force of Meta- Cosmic Projection has worked miracles in the lives of thousands, and it can work miracles in your life today!


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