You Are About To Enter The Inner Sanctum Of These Well-Guarded Secret Powers And Make Them Your Own...

"Now You Can Reap The Glorious Harvest Of Supreme
Psychic Power...

These Secrets Have Been Used To Rule Countries And Amass Fortunes.
How Will You Use Them?

From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Friend:


I'm proud to bring you the final installment of the 'Lucifer Complex' series.

This book reveals at last the mystery of the phenomenal secret power which certain shrewd men and women, all through the Ages, have used with the utmost profit to themselves ó but which they carefully concealed and guarded from others.

With this well-guarded secret power, some of its possessors, the most ordinary people, have literally ruled kings and queens and other heads of empires... thrilled, at any age, the most sought-after men or women... swept others everywhere off their feet... amassed fabulous wealth... healed the sick... snatched others or themselves out of grave danger in seemingly supernatural fashion!

With this well-guarded secret power, this select group eclipsed the gains of others who outclassed them in all types of attractiveness, learning, or kindness from the heart.

And yet they resorted to nothing more than the obvious anatomical parts of their bodies, plus their own minds. But they used them in a highly secretive and psychic manner - and by thinking three little magic words.

No other gifts nor accomplishments of others, no matter how extraordinary, achieved even a modicum of what these otherwise commonplace or average men and women did, and with so little effort.

The Blinding Power That Awaits Your Command:

  • Have people see you instantly as bursting with a fascination which you actually donít possess
  • Find out quickly where someone you love has secretly fled and is hiding, no matter where or how far away
  • Snatch others or yourself out of grave danger instantly in seemingly supernatural fashion
  • Handle difficult subordinates, or youngsters, instantly like a magician performing magic
  • Summon a ghost for financial help and get it
  • Scare off instantly, without a weapon, the charge of a ferocious beast or other attacker
  • Save the life of a dear one with your psychic powered thought
  • Be advanced by your superior in business with a speed out of all proportion to your actual abilities
  • Keep your wife or husband always deeply in love with you, no matter how far away from you he or she may be, with little effort
  • Sweep people anywhere and everywhere off their feet instantly for service to you, and by your hardly making a move
What You Actually Are Or Look Like Counts For Only So Much...

...What you induce others to accept you as being counts up to one thousand times more!

That is the real secret of the miraculous power which you can acquire.   With it, by projecting an appropriate psychic image power, you can induce others to see anything about you, either mental or physical, exactly as YOU want them to see it.

If you are neither a mental giant, nor a supernatural Hercules, nor a physical beauty, with psychic power you can nevertheless easily induce others to see you and accept you as being one yourself, just as Black Magic can induce others to see themselves as getting sick and dying by concentrating on a clay figure of them.

No matter how keenly other people analyze or observe you, with the power of White Sorcery you can blind their minds and their eyes to what they actually discern about you, and replace it with the majestic vision of yourself which you want them to accept.

You just have to create that majestic vision of yourself in your psychic power center, reinforce it with the secret psychic power posture or gesture which makes it stunningly clear, project it with Multiplied Nerve Gap power, and you will instantly superimpose that majestic vision of yourself upon the minds and eyes of others, and they will perceive you as if you were that vision.

That is the phenomenal secret power which certain people, all through the Ages, have used with the utmost profit to themselves, but which they shrewdly concealed from others.

The World-Wide Search For The Secrets Of White Sorcery Ends Here:

  • Be accepted instantly as the greatest person alive by practically anybody anywhere, even though you may be far from being that great person yourself, and achieve it by hardly exerting a thing, as so many shrewd mystics before you have done
  • Relieve yourself, or your husband, wife, relative or friend from nervous tension instantly
  • Psychically call a close friend or relative 1,000 miles or more away, for financial help, and get it
  • Turn the minds of your customers or clients instantly in your favor, and by hardly doing a thing, so that they flock to you thereafter
  • Have others see you instantly as being far more handsome or beautiful than you could ever hope to be
  • Draw powerful, desirable, financial backers or allies to you instantly with little effort on your part
  • Have people accept you instantly as being far more intelligent than you could ever dream to be
  • Win the most sought-after man or woman to you instantly, with utmost facility
  • The easy way to fascinate others invisibly with your psychic powered body movements
  • The secret power of White Sorcery
Lock In Your New Powers Easily - And Permanently

After learning the simple method of Fascitarr you cement into yourself permanently the secret of how to produce these effects and are transformed into the new, psychic-powered you.

You can, thereafter, at any time alter instantly any inferior impression anybody has of you.   Even if you never improved yourself in any manner thereafter, you could still, whenever you wished to, convince anybody you wanted to in a flash that you were the most stupendous person on earth.

Your dreams will at last come true speedily and with astonishing simplicity.

This secret power is a well-concealed discovery which five men, during more than a century and a quarter, tracked down and found after searching for it halfway around the world.

Between the covers of this book it is finally revealed to you in full scope and power for your own use, and for limitless profit, with anybody in any situation.

200+ Pages Of Devastating Occult Secrets Like These:

  • Convert people instantly to be under your control regardless of time or space
  • How Black Magic is produced
  • Enthrall groups or masses of people instantly, even if you are just an ordinary, unprepossessing average talker
  • How all matter produces a psychic image to control other matter
  • Extract what you want out of people invisibly with the secret of your psychic powered companionship
  • The easy way to put people under your active influence invisibly with your psychic powered speech
  • Reap the biggest profits invisibly from your controlling others with your psychic powered ideas
  • How to retain your personal psychic power permanently

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