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From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Friend:

When the first Lucifer Complex was released last year I was amazed at the response.

Not only were many of you open enough to try it, but the refund rate was the lowest we've ever had.

That's the ultimate test of what works and what fails to work!

I was so inspired by all this that I've kept reading and studying, finding techniques even more effective than the ones you've learned before!

The main reason you should be interested in these methods is:

Almost every day scientists keep getting closer to proving they work!

Cornell Psychology Professor Proves: Time Is NOT Linear!

National Public Radio ran an article about Professor Daryl Bem of Cornell, one of the most respected psychology professors in the world.

The article said that his studies: "...suggests that people ordinary people can be altered by experiences they haven't had yet. Time, he suggests, is leaking. The Future has slipped, unannounced, into the Present."

One of the experiments he conducted involved students memorizing words for a test.   They were tested on how many words they could memorize.

After the test the students were shown the words again.   Results showed that "practicing a set of words after the recall test does, in fact, reach back in time to facilitate the recall of those words.   Apparently, scanning and retyping those words later somehow improved recall earlier."

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Discover In This Course:

  • Command others psychically to say what you want them to say
  • The secret Psychic Masters in India used to part crocodile-infested rivers for their followers
  • How to draw your astralized knowledge into yourself
  • The difference between "reality" and "actuality" explained - most people are too ignorant to know this, and it costs them... big time
  • Generate "Ghostly" Muscle Power Contraction
  • Win anybody you want to with Secret ESP+ Control
  • How an American Marine fought in the thick of the action time and time again - yet never suffered a scratch
  • Create the right force to convert a desired miracle into a reality
  • The secret formula for "sensing" the most probable outcome of any contest or life problem
  • Enjoy slow-wave sleep - eliminate rapid-eye movement and watch your power soar
Governments Around The World Have Done Their Best To Hide
This Information...

Ever hear of Nina Kulagina?

She was born in 1926 and was a member of the Red Army at age 14... but she was a housewife at the time that her psychic abilities were studied and the world came to know her in the 1960's.

During the Cold War, films of her appearing to move objects on a table in front of her without touching them were produced.   These films were allegedly made under controlled conditions for Soviet authorities and caused excitement for many psychic researchers around the world, some of whom believed that they represented clear evidence for the existence of psychic phenomena. According to reports from the Soviet Union, forty scientists, two of whom were Nobel laureates, studied Kulagina.

In his book Investigating Psychics, Larry Kettlekamp reported that Kulagina was filmed separating broken eggs that had been submerged in water, moving apart the whites and yolks, during which event such physical changes were recorded as accelerated and altered heartbeat, brain waves and electromagnetic field.

To ensure that external electromagnetic impulses did not interfere, she was placed inside of a metal cage while she demonstrated an ability to remove a marked matchstick from a pile of matchsticks under a glass dome.

It's important to note that none of her methods for doing any of this were revealed!

The Deadly Secrets Of Psychic Masters Like Nina Kulagina Are Here For You To Take:

  • "Psychastra" - the magic key to unsurpassable secret power
  • The seven parts of Controlled Body Power explained
  • The carefully guarded secret of the "Mind-Navel" revealed - don't be shocked when you read this!
  • Win over women in any competitive situation with Counter-Optic Irradiation
  • How you can easily have access to knowledge like a computer
  • How you're missing the great opportunity that only comes once every 5 years - and how to finally seize it
  • Build up the explosive energy of muscle relaxation
  • Phenomenal Psychic Master Memory - you don't need drugs to have it
  • How to expose and crush anyone who is dishonest with you with your "Astralized Thinking Brain"
  • How a frustrated 2-time college dropout returned to school years later - and got the highest grades in every subject
You Don't Have To Pay Hundreds - Or Thousands - To Turn Yourself Into A Psychic Powerhouse

Sometimes I just can't believe what I see.

I recently received an email from a well-known publisher in the field of esoteric knowledge trying to sell me his "psychic" secrets - for $500!

For less than 5% of that price you can get better, more refined information from the pages of The Lucifer Complex II.

It's over 200 pages long and literally every page is filled with the type of secrets other men have spent their entire lifetimes trying to figure out.   Some of them paid a great price just to learn a fraction of what you have in front of you now.

So skip the overpriced video courses published by ex-convicts who are out to make a dollar no matter who they lie to... this is the real deal, information you can put to use immediately to start influencing the world around you.

You'll Feel Like Johnny Depp In The Ninth Gate When You Absorb This Knowledge:

  • Finally unite your conscious mind with your astral body - so-called "gurus" have spent hundreds of years trying to figure this out!
  • How to make the desired visual image of the other person - or of yourself - become "reality" instantly
  • Multiply your own power... while at the same time "dividing" the power of your subject to resist it
  • The Secret Law of Practical Supposition - or, How to Acquire a Master Mind
  • Control your recent and distant memories the easy way
  • Steal the mental power of others and use it for yourself
  • Why tales of "witches and warlocks" contained some elements of truth - and what it means for you today
  • The Psychic Master's "Secret Key Turn" - this will lock everything you learn in this book into your being - permanently

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Psychic Vampires

The term psychic vampire may sound exotic, but you run into them all the time!

Whether it's the manipulative ass that intrudes on your interactions with women (frequently called an "AMOG"), or the jealous co-worker who is always keeping an eye on you, psychic vampires are all around us - but now you can learn directly from someone who IS a psychic vampire.

Here you'll discover:

  • The predatory life of psychic vampires explained
  • How to feed on the "Astral Blood" of others
  • Energy draining through touch and sight - the deadliest techniques of the psychic vampire revealed
  • How to enter someone else's aura
  • A method for moving your astral body - and invading the dreams of women

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Jack Ellis

P. S. "The Lucifer Complex II" is guaranteed to change your life for the better.   If you feel otherwise, just email me and I'll refund 100% of your money at any time within 30 days.   Look... even a complete simpleton can understand these methods and use them, so I know you can make them work.   All you have to do it spend a few minutes learning them!

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