There Are No Limits To The Human Capability - And
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"FINALLY... A Simple System That You Can Use To Program Yourself For Greatness...

"How To Accomplish Anything You Want In Life!

From the desk of Jack Ellis

Dear Friend:

Know this: today can be the day that changes your life.

Before you are finished reading this letter, you will see a richer way of living begin to stretch before you like an open, inviting road.

It is not a road for everybody.

Many people are so discouraged they couldn't care less about tomorrow.

But... you have already proved yourself.   You have the spark it takes to start yourself on a fascinating adventure.   You're reading this now and are ready for bigger and better things - for money, friends, fun and adventure.

How is this all possible?

You have probably heard that we use only a small fraction of our vital brain capacity.   You have probably also heard our phenomenal brain being compared to a gigantic computer which, were it to be duplicated by man, would consist of quite a few gigabytes of information.

Well... put one and one together.

Correct!   We can now tap this vast reservoir of our mind.   We can vault ourselves to new heights of health, wealth, happiness, power, and success.

We do this by borrowing a technique from the world of computers.   But we do not have to be computer experts to do it.

A six-year old can learn to use Hypno-Cybernetics.   If you can operate a television remote control, you can follow the simple push-button-like instructions in the book.   In fact, Hypno-Cybernetics is easier to work with than some household appliances!

The Secrets Revealed In This Book Make "Regular" Hypnosis Seem Like Hit Or Miss Child's Play...

You have a lid on you!

It is a self-imposed lid.   You put the lid on yourself by accepting limitations.   Hypno-Cybernetics takes the lid off you.

Take a look at the word Hypno-Cybernetics.

You see it is a combination of two words - the prefix for "hypnosis" and "cybernetics."

Hypnotism is the modern means we have to contact a large portion of our mind called the subconscious or automatic mind.

Cybernetics is the means we have to instruct or program any automated device.

Everybody's got what it takes to have all the love, money, good health, power, happiness, and success that they seek...

We just do not know where the right "button" is to push.

Occasionally, somebody stumbles on this "button."

He starts programming his automatic mind without knowing it.   To the rest of us, it looks as if he just gets the breaks as he climbs the ladder of success, travels in the best circles, and captivates people with his personality.

As he passes by and says "Hello" we look at each other and say "He's got it.

It Doesn't Require Any Special Talents Or Experience...

  • How physical attractiveness can be turned on and off
  • Trace fear back to its source - and snuff it out
  • Learn why "Willpower" is not the whole answer
  • The forces of accumulated self-images - how to use them to your advantage
  • How to clear your mental channels so your message can get through for results
  • End the "I Can't" days - begin the "I CAN" days
  • How to compound power, wealth, and popularity
  • Program yourself for leadership at meetings and conferences
  • Bring the "mirage" of success right to your doorstep - now
  • Sexual benefits of Hypno-Cybernetic Programming
Hypno-Cybernetics Is Not Supernatural, Philosophical, Religious, Or "Occult"

On the contrary, it is scientifically and medically sound.   It is a no-nonsense method used by psychiatrists, dentists, and physicians, as well as by housewives, students, and business men.

It is successful.

Hypno-Cybernetics will literally allow you to put the finger on your subconscious mind.

How does a hand or finger movement contact the magnificent subconscious mind?   Every motion of the body, whether voluntary or involuntary, stems from the mind.

The authors have been working with a simple finger movement that has permitted thousands to easily establish communication with their subconscious minds as easily as eating apple pie.

No long, trance-like sessions that are often associated with hypnotism.   You just sit down and do it.

Once you learn this, the world is yours.

It's Up To You - A Few Days From Now You Can Just Be A Little Older, Or You Can Be On Your Way To Fulfilling Your Dreams...

  • Turn emotional "downs" into "ups" with the Hypno-Cybernetic Mood Table
  • How to make your body speak power and attraction
  • The three "magic steps" that are really not magic at all
  • How to extract secrets from the Subconscious Mind
  • Why believing in limitations is believing in a myth
  • How to release irresistible energy to get what you want from life
  • The Fruits of Frustration - how they're forced on you
  • How to have a photographic memory by means of a raised finger
  • The magnetism of the serpent revealed...
We All Live With The Automatic Help Of Our "Personal Computer..."

It runs our body.

We do not have to give a conscious thought to breathing, beating our heart, or operating our other organs and glands.

It records our experiences and produces the attitudes and emotions we have programmed it to respond to.

Sometimes this programming is wrong or obsolete.   The result?

Unwanted behavior, unwanted conditions of health, unwanted habits, emotions, and circumstances.

Children have been taken out of elementary school where they have been doing badly and put into an experimental university class under the guise they were exceptionally good students.   Immediately, their spelling improved, their math made significant forward strides and their whole academic life improved immensely.

What happened?

The new experience of suddenly being a "good student" instead of a "poor student" reprogrammed them.

Their servomechanism (their subconscious mind) accepted new programming and it caused them to behave accordingly.

There is a revolutionary new way to reprogram yourself quickly, easily, safely.

It is called Hypno-Cybernetics.

Once you learn the three-step method (one step is sitting comfortably in a chair, it's that simple), you take just a few seconds to make contact with your automatic mind, and another few seconds to hold a mental picture of the new programming you wish to initiate.

You Can Have Anything You Want - If You Can See Yourself Having It!

  • Amplify extra-sensory perception
  • How you can create commands to achieve your unique goal
  • The hypnotic regression technique that can let loose a flood of wealth
  • How early programming may still be moving your fork
  • The one trick a dying habit can play to survive
  • How to overcome negative thinking
  • Three steps that improve the climate for your success
  • The most powerful force in the world - attraction
  • How to unlock the door of time

Staggering Seduction Mines

This ultra-rare document, originally published over 10 years ago, takes the concept of seduction language patterns to an entirely new level.

It will show you the art of breaking barriers and quickly integrating yourself into a woman's "romantic narrative" in a manner that will feel both gradual and natural.

Think of it as setting land mines in a staggered pattern.   Every time she tries to resist, a mine will "explode" and give you further access into her world.

If you do this correctly, she will be willing to do virtually anything for you.

Here are just a few of the fascinating concepts you will discover in "Staggering Seduction Mines..."

  • How to eliminate any woman's deeply embedded obstacles
  • Set a precedent that makes it easy for you to bring up random ideas, which allows you to set up conversational traps
  • Alternate between her different realities (past, present, and future) and integrate them, while incorporating yourself as the glue that holds them together
  • How to appear intriguing, comfortable, and somewhat confusing to her
  • Give her access to herself in a way that makes her feel as if she has unlimited power to make herself whole
  • "Flow" - the secret of optimal states of mind
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Jack Ellis

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