If Things Are Not Going Your Way... If You Seem To Be Plagued By Failure, Bad Luck, And Misery... The Rituals of EXORCISM In This Book Can Change Your Life Forever!

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


Don't worry - this is not a book about performing exorcisms like you see on television and in movies!

The author says:

"In this book I am presenting the greatest mystical secret of my entire career..."

"This secret is the ancient art of exorcism that has been used for centuries by the heads churches and religious orders to cast out demons, to break evil spells, to rid the mind of obsessing negative thought forms and obsessions of fear , hate, poverty, sickness, and evil that often fasten on a person's mind like a destructive demon."

"Now at last, in this book which I have waited 20 years to write, I can reveal the secrets I learned at the Monastery on Mt. Athos (Greece) about exorcism, black magic, white magic, witchcraft, sorcery, psychic and spiritual healing."

"At Mt. Athos I was privileged to meet an elderly monk who gave me the secrets of exorcism that were contained in illuminated manuscripts in the most complete library of its kind in the entire world.

I spent days there with this monk, jotting down notes, which he translated from the ancient writings in Greek."

Putting The Powers Of Exorcism To Work For A Wonderful New Life!

"I have used Exorcism for every purpose imaginable, and discovered that if the rituals given here are practiced assiduously, you can expect true miracles in your life."

You can being instantly to dispel the negative forced that may have cast a spell over your mind and remove them from your mind and body."

"In the very first chapter you will be shown how to use rituals of Exorcism to rid yourself of sickness, poverty, failure, and unhappiness.   The complete ritual of exorcism is given for establishing the positive forces of health, riches, happiness, love and success."

From the very first day you use these rituals of exorcism you will begin to see amazing miracles happening in your own life!"

Miracles such as:

  • Seven White Magic exorcisms that can break forever the spells of Black Magic
  • How exorcism can stop bad luck and turn it instantly into good luck
  • Magic incantations of breaking evil spells of obsessing entities
  • How exorcism can be used to develop psychic and clairvoyant powers
  • The Seven Mystical Money Mantras for exorcising the demons of poverty
  • Using the art of exorcism and spells to win true love forever
  • The Sacred Flame Ritual of exorcism from the Temple of Isis in ancient Egypt
Obtain The Same Forbidden Wisdom As The Infamous Rasputin...

"As this elderly monk on Mt. Athos personally translated passages from the sacred volumes in the library, he told me, “Many of the great secrets of magic and exorcism were destroyed in the fire that burned the library at Alexandria, but many of the original manuscripts were salvaged and brought here for safekeeping. It is now time that some of these profound secrets are revealed to the world."

"Then this monk told me a strange story about the monk Rasputin, the great Russian mystic and healer, who had visited Mt. Athos on a pilgrimage many years before.   Rasputin had probed these same secrets of exorcism, casting out spells, and psychic and spiritual healing which I was now learning.   Rasputin returned to Russia and became the most powerful man of his time.   He had learned the great healing arts and the rituals of exorcism from these same illuminated, sacred manuscripts that I was now studying!

When Rasputin was able to stop the bleeding of the Czar’s hemophilic son, using these secrets from Mt. Athos, the Czar and Czarina were willing to give him anything he desired."

"Have You Ever Wished You Had The Power...

to weave a spell of enchantment over the hearts and minds of those you want to attract in love, friendship and marriage?

You can attain this unique art through the ancient rituals of Exorcism given in this book... and you can make another person love you... also use this same spell to break a short-circuiting condition in your life where someone is trying to gain control of your mind."

You will also discover:

  • Tibetan Exorcisms to free you from the Karmic Wheel of Fate
  • White Magic rituals for exorcising dominating people into angelic beings
  • How to contact Masters through exorcism and astral projection
  • How to detect Black Magic practices and overcome them through exorcism
  • How to find Shangri-La of Eternal Joy through the higher laws of exorcism
  • How to use the power of White Magic and Exorcism to bring you peace of mind, security, and happiness

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Here is the way to conquer and defeat the forces of black magic and bad luck that may be working against you, to cast into the abyss the demonic powers that may be making your life a living hell, and to purify and cleanse your spirit with the healing power of White Magic!