"SHOCK! Deep Within The Bondage / Domination Subculture There Exists A Secret Group Of Mind-Benders...

Renegade Methods Help
You Turn Women Into
Living Sex Toys...

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


You wouldn't believe the sort of things people send me.

In the past I've received everything from manuscripts detailing alien abduction experiences to "special reports" explaining, in detail, how to literally get away with murder!

Naturally most of this material never sees the light of day - at least, not with any assistance from me.

But when I received this big PDF file in my inbox along with a brief email, I could tell it was different...

Very different.

When the file was opened it turned out to be a collection of discussions from a hypnosis group... a fetish, bondage / domination oriented hypnosis group!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Sneaky Ideas You'll Learn From The Erotic Hypnosis Syndicate:

Literally "train" women to become your sex slaves

More induction techniques than you can shake a stick at

How to install addictions and cravings into your subject (WARNING: this is considered VERY unethical)

The "old coal trick" explained - this is an impressive demonstration if you can pull it off, and with this information you CAN

How to change what someone is attracted to - if someone is turned off by certain negative traits, now you can make them be attracted to those same traits

The warning signs of a "hypnotic predator" - if you come off as a "predator" no one will want you to put them under - here's how to sneak in under the radar

Use light/sound machines like the Nova Pro 100 in your hypno sessions to make them even more powerful

How to make hypnotic "horny drinks" - mind control drinks that make your subject more and more open to your suggestions

Hypnotic visualizations for pain relief

"Digital drugs" explained - how to use them to get what you want

Smash Through The Confusion And Grab Real Hypnotic Power...

Hypnosis is one of those subjects that everybody seems to have an opinion about...

and you know what they say about people and their opinions!

"You can't do this" and "you can't do that" seem to be common refrains from those who don't know what they're talking about.

Erotic Hypnosis Syndicate isn't another "hypnosis course" geared toward "beginners" or "advanced" students.

It instead contains methods that, when used, produce results beyond what you'll learn in any "official" course, book, or video.

Do you think you can only hypnotize people if they agree to be hypnotized?


Do you think people can't be hypnotized to do things against their will?

Think again!

Some of the methods will help beginners who aren't familiar with hypnosis... but most of the concepts and methods discussed are extremely advanced and should only be used with caution.

Journey Into The Hypnosis Underground And Steal These Methods:

How to setup orgasms on command using trigger words no matter how difficult your subject is

What Pavlov's dog has to do with hypnotic trance

Object fixation in hypnosis - use pendants, crystals, and candles to aid you in putting them under

The difference between "erotic hypnosis" and classic/Ericksonian hypnosis

Learn what women look for in a hypnotist when they want to try hypnosis

Extreme hypnotic control - how to establish it, how to keep it

The best ways to showcase your hypnotic skills to others in classes/workshops/stage shows

Create "hypno drugs" - simple every day objects that your subject will treat as narcotics

Due To The Nuclear-Level Heat Associated With This Information, It Will Only Be Available For A Few Days...

The person who passed this along to me made it very clear that his "sources" would be angry with him for releasing this sensitive information.

In an effort to protect my source I'm only able to offer Erotic Hypnosis Syndicate for a limited time.

These are the same methods that some people have misused over the past few years...

Hypnotic thieves from Italy to New Hampshire have used one of the "rapid inductions" described in this book to steal money.

It is rumored that one or two "gypsy" families have also used the methods in fortune telling parlors, and have convinced their clients to part with massive 5- and 6-figure sums of cash.

Reach Into Anyone's Mind And Make Them Yours When You Discover:

How to create hallucinations with hypnagogic/hypnopompic states

Amnesia - the hows and whys of making it happen with hypnosis, and why you should think twice before doing so

"Eroticize" pain and link it to pleasure

"Religious trances" - how religion uses trance, and how to co-opt this for your own ends

The 2 types of "Overload Inductions" - pattern interrupt and confusion induction - and how to use each to hypnotize anyone within seconds

The secrets of combining hypnosis with text/chat messages - get them in trance no matter where you are!

Why tempo, phrasing, and pacing can be the most important elements of your hypnotic efforts

Learn everything about subject-sensory control ranging from coma states to hyper-emperia

This Massive Book Of 300+ Pages Is Yours To Try At No Risk...

Thatís because everything is covered by an unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 30-day money back guarantee.

That means you can check out everything for a full 4 weeks, and if you're not thrilled with how much it helps your ability to seduce women I'll refund every penny of your money to you - no questions asked.

There's nothing to send back and no waiting period, either!

Here's How To Order Right Now:

You will receive instant access to the book and bonuses

(Even if it's 3:00 AM on a Sunday)

                                                                        Take care,

                                                                        Jack Ellis

P.S. I sincerely hope you take advantage of this limited time offer.   Hypnosis can be a difficult and complex subject... but this book will help you cut through the BS and do things you never imagined possible!

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