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Dear Friend:

A contact at Harvard University recently forwarded a manuscript to me... a manuscript that not only changed my life but one that will change yours as well.

So far we've examined cults from the perspective of studying infamous cult leaders - how they communicate, manipulate, etc.

This manuscript - which my source named Confessions of a Cult Deprogrammer, looks at things through a whole new set of eyes - the eyes of someone who has worked with countless cult members to bring them back into the "mainstream."

From former members of the Manson family to early members of the Heaven's Gate UFO/suicide cult, the author has probably dealt with more real cult members than anyone else.

When dealing with these cult members he was forced to reverse engineer every step that the cult used to brainwash them in the first place - which means we get a more detailed breakdown of cult manipulation methods than ever before!

Never before have these been explained more clearly:

The Three Key Ingredients To
Cult Rule...

According to cult expert Margaret Singer there are three determining factors that define a cult:

1. The origin of the group and role of the leader.

2. The power structure, or relationship between the leader[s] and the followers.

3. The use of a coordinated program of persuasion, which is called thought reform (or brainwashing)

Illustrating the structure Singer says, "imagine an inverted T. The leader is alone at the top and the followers are all at the bottom".

Now you can be at the top of the "T"...

Are You Prepared To Learn These Secrets And Step Away From The Herd?

  • Produce radically altered attitudes and new patterns of behavior in anyone you want
  • The characteristics of the typical cult recruit - and the times in their lives when it is easiest to recruit them
  • Why most Americans have a "superficial spirituality" - and how you can take advantage of this
  • How to break down mental barriers with the 3 A's - affection, attention, approval
  • The myths of "mental kidnapping"
  • The Milgram Experiment explained - one of the most important mind control experiments of all time
  • How to handle rumors - even the biggest corporations mess this up - but you don't have to
  • The 16 steps to converting someone - spelled out, in plain language
  • How to create fanatic devotion - even if you're met with resistance at first
  • How to maintain your power by using the "warring factions" technique
Dirty Rotten LIARS!

This shouldn't come as a surprise to you...

          ...but the mass media have been lying to us about cults for years now!

I remember watching a show about Charles Manson on MSNBC a few years ago.

If you've ever watched a Manson interview, you know that he is charismatic and even entertaining at times.

But we didn't get to see the whole interview.

The interview was constantly interrupted by some prissy female FBI employee, who had to "interpret" Manson's statements.

Sort of difficult to determine what manipulation methods the guy is using when Federal Agent Bimbo has to throw her 2 cents in every few minutes!

Looking back, that's just the beginning...

The International Cultic Studies Association has completed research that indicates as many as 5000 cults are active in the United States right now - and up to 3% of the population is - or has been - involved in a cult!

How many media talking heads have pointed this out to you?

"Confessions of a Cult Deprogrammer" is around 200 pages long and in it you'll learn the raw, uncensored truth about cults - no more fragmented media reports that only show you what they want you to know.

Now You Can Lift The Media Blackout And Discover...

  • The "role-playing" secret that sucks people in and lets you give them the identity YOU want
  • How to misuse meditation and make it a pillar of your "new religion"
  • A great excuse to use if your followers ever question your material wealth
  • Why control must be given to you - you can't "take" it in the conventional sense
  • The image of a cult leader and how to maintain it - it would be better for your image to get arrested for murder than to make this mistake!
  • Learn the secrets of "information disease" and "sudden personality change"
  • The 9 rules of the "Power of Groups"
  • Make words mean anything you want by creating your own "cult vocabulary"
  • Where the term "brainwashing" came from and why so many people have no clue what it really is
  • The 3 deadly enemies of cult control defined - you must avoid these to keep your followers obedient
This Is Your Chance To Learn From Someone Who's Been In The Trenches Of "Cult Wars"

One of the most refreshing things about this book is this:

The author doesn't buy in to the hype!

Instead of tabloid-style misinformation about cults and cult-building methods, we get a relatively unbiased, factual look at the exact methods cults use to recruit people.

Not every new religion is a "cult," and not every new religion is a danger to society.

In fact, the author has turned down many families who claim their kids are involved in cults, but upon further investigation aren't involved in anything dangerous - they just prefer to live unconventional lives.

This is real, live, "meat and potatoes" material that focuses on methods - not misinformation.

You'll Have To Exercise Self-Control Not To Take Advantage Of People When You Know...

  • How to bypass someone's idea of traditional sexual morality
  • "Guilt induction" and why it helps turn them into putty in your hands
  • The dirtiest psychological manipulation techniques you'll ever find
  • The #1 thing that mind control depends on - you'll be surprised by this
  • Infiltrate their minds and allow them to "permit the impermissible"
  • The real reason some people allow others to control their behavior, attitude, and beliefs
  • How to redirect a person's feelings to make them feel intense relief, release, and purification
  • Actionizing - how to prompt others to put their "faith" into action - for you!
  • "The Simple Exchange" - the formula that allows someone to build a cult spelled out
  • Use persuasive influence to throw people off emotionally

You Must Order Immediately To Qualify For This Insane Bonus Report:

Sex, Drugs, and Brainwashing

This special report features former members of Jim Jones cult talking about the more taboo aspects of cult life.

909 members of Jones' "People's Temple" committed suicide at his command in Guyana on November 18, 1978.

Jones was notorious for enjoying drugs and taking sexual liberties with his followers - and now they themselves will explain just how he got away with it!

  • How to make yourself the only legitimate object of sexual desire in a group
  • Learn the secrets behind "faith healings" and create amazing spectacles
  • How to put together "tests of faith" that scare your followers to death - and ends up making them more obedient to you
  • An imaginative way to get local and national politicians on your side - and keep them there
  • How to warp someone's mind using what I call "sex terrorism"

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