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Finally Led To The Creation Of...

Are You Prepared To Discover The Secrets
Of The Greatest
Seduction Artist
Who Ever

From the desk of Jack Ellis:


Have you ever heard the saying "there's nothing new under the sun?"

There's a lot of truth to that statement!

Over 2 years ago I decided to make a thorough study of Casanova - the greatest seducer who ever lived.

Casanova was an adventurer.   He traveled in elite circles, did time in prison, loved to gamble, but most of all he loved women.

He loved women so much that he seduced 122 of them - and those are just the ones he decided to tell us about!

In fact, after reading just a few pages of his autobiography I arrived at the conclusion that Casanova was vastly superior to any of the "pick-up artists" living today.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Casanova's seduction method is he always left women better off after he was done playing with them.

This is an important part of seduction that the "gurus" pay lip service to but never actually explain.   In The Casanova File you will find this explained in full.

When You Dive Into The Headspace Of Casanova You'll Discover:

The "Young Countess" pattern that makes women feel like royalty right before they strip off their clothes

A quick, easy way to “turn the tables” when it looks like a woman has the upper hand on you

Why just learning “routines” alone won’t help you attract women... and what to do about it

Sneaky "group tactics" that let you slip in under the radar and take what you want

How to make a woman go crazy over you by putting her down! "Negs" taken to a whole new level. Do you have the balls to use this?

Why revealing your flaws can help you get laid

Upload the knowledge of a Master Seducer into your brain in just a few minutes

You Can Relax, Because I've Done ALL The Work For You...

There was one problem with putting this project together...

The abridged version of Casanova's biography is over 1200 pages long!

There are hundreds of pages detailing what he ate, how the weather was, and so on.

But not to worry... I've not only extracted the best portions of the book - the portions that deal with seduction - but I've also added my own commentary to make it easier to understand and internalize.

You won't have to spend countless hours getting eye strain while trying to find the passages Casanova wrote that you can use in your life - it's already done, and it's waiting for you.

Now You May Access These Forgotten Methods And Learn:

A proven method to build an impenetrable persona for yourself

The "Greek Slave" pattern - use this when you want her to do the work seducing you

The myth of the "modern woman" explained - or, why this stuff still works today

Skyrocket your storytelling success - Casanova was a master storyteller and his thought process can now be yours

The subtle technique that makes you seem exciting and adventurous to women

The "4 act play" explained - Casanova never left a woman unhappy while using this, now you don't have to either

Throw away false beliefs promoted by today's "pick-up artists" and learn the REAL way to win women

A lesson from early humanity that will help you completely destroy your fear of women FOR GOOD

Then vs. Now:

I don't know about you, but I've been in and around the "pick-up scene" since 1999.

A lot of pretenders have come and gone.

When studying seduction it's best to look at history to find the real winners instead of modeling guys who teach workshops but rarely obtain any success.

Many "seduction gurus" nowadays more closely resemble the man in the image to the right than seduction artists.

Would you rather learn from guys who have to wear furry hats and act obnoxious to get attention...

or would you rather learn from someone who enjoyed 122 high-class women and left them happier than when he found them?

Now You Can Learn Directly From A True Master And Steal His Secrets:

Never again fall victim to a woman who wants to steal your power

The "Two Sisters" pattern - use this when pursuing 2 women at once who are close to one another

The overwhelming "Lump Sum" seduction technique explained

Discover the surest and shortest means into any woman's bedroom

Stop wasting your time with strategies that are doomed to fail

The 25 Casanova POWER WORDS - throw these into your patterns and watch her get wet before your eyes

A famous and VERY COMMON seduction strategy that practically guarantees failure

Pick up on women's weaknesses like a metal detector and use them to your advantage

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This 60+ page report was written by a man known only as "Joe."

His name might be plain, but his techniques are not!

Now, YOU can get his word-for-word text script and turn your phone into your most lethal seduction weapon.

YES it absolutely does work... you can seduce and bed women using text messages quicker and easier than talking to them face to face once you know the “secret formula” and the word-for-word sample transcripts!

Aside from using some very slick persuasion and seduction tricks (to get her dripping wet, and ready to attack him,) Joe discovered that he was able to:

  • Go a lot further with women using text messages (or emails) than he could with a live, real-time conversation – and do it all a lot quicker!
  • Have the time to think…about what to say, and how to phrase it just right to get just the psychological responses and results (something you can’t do during an actual conversation)
  • Say a lot more, and get the point across, before getting interrupted, distracted or even ignored
  • And of course, there’s all the slick persuasion and seduction tricks he was able to layer into his messages, to get her juiced and ready for action

Try The Casanova File At
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I assure you that you'll be able to use the things that you'll learn in my digital book to seduce more women, but I want you to be just as confident.

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P.S. In this program you’re going to learn the most advanced technologies for meeting, dating, and attracting women available anywhere.   This material requires no special skills or previous experience.   You’ll be using the materials that you learn IMMEDIATELY and seeing better results INSTANTLY with women.   I guarantee it.

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